Otonoha Vol.90 2011/10/10

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Scroll down for translation 😀

The title for Vol.90 is “告白” (Confession) 😀

Otonoha Vol.90 2011.10.10


It’s me.
As Kageyama nowadays.

These few days, I’ve been filming from early in the morning till late at night.

It was during filming one day,

I had some free time.

I was thinking everybody must be real tired,
so i thought of buying some sweets for them.
I went and bought the japanese okashi in the morning and headed to the filming location then.

And it’s evening.
Once again, i had a little free time.

I was thinking everybody must be tired, so this time i thought of getting them some western style sweets.
I then went out to buy.. but i went into a CD shop..
(Hey, where’s your western style sweets..?)

I was looking at those CDs, and a guy who looks slightly younger than me called me.

Guy: “Sakurai-kun!”

Sakurai: “Hei”

Guy: “Ano…..

I went to the Beautiful World!”

Sakurai : “Beauty…?


Ah !!! Hai, Hai !!

Concert! ”

Guy: “Yes, Kokuritsu and Sapporo!”

Sakurai : “Majide?! (Really?!)
Arigato! Arigato!”

Guy: “Ano….

Daisuki desu!!! ”

I was confessed !!

Sakurai: “Arigato!!!


Mata- ”

The “Mata” here means “mata dokokade (see you again next time somewhere else)


“Mata Concert Kaijyou de” (see you again in concert)

it contains 2 meanins, double meaning.

(↑ thank you for the unnecessary explanation)


I bought a CD hisashiburi (after a long time).
And i bought the western style sweets too.
I’ve used my free time fully. Hai.

By the way, they love the sweets that i bought.


It will be on air by the next time i’m updating.


Team “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”

It’s a very tough schedule, but, the filming process was fun!
Tanoshiku! Akaruku! Genkiyoku! (Happy! Bright! Genki!)

18 Oct 9:00pm start!

Yoroshiku douzo.


I want to be that guy!! I want to confess to Sho-chan too!! 😳
Sho loves music, he can spent at least 2 hours just in the CD shop, he must be very happy to have that very little time.
Someone saw them filming yesterday midnight at 1:30am. Taihen dane, ganbatte, Sho-chan!

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