Arashi’s handwriting

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Ever wonder how’s the handwriting of Arashi ? 😀
Alright, here’s some of them!
Who’s handwriting do you love most? 😀
I personally think Ohno has the nicest handwriting, Jun writes very neat.

The first one is Arashi’s message, thanking the fans for donation for Niigata’s earthquake.

Arashi's message, thanking fans for donation for Niigata earthquake

Arashi’s message to Miyagi fans after the 311 earthquake. This message is only sent to fanclub members staying in Miyagi (Tohoku) area.

Arashi's handwritten Marching J message

Aiba’s message

When you are feeling heartbroken, hold hands and stay as one. I believe the days for us to smile again will come. We will always smile for you.
Aiba Masaki

Nino’s message

We’re trying to help as much as we can in Tokyo. You’re not alone. Stay together and let’s change this into a big strength.
Ninomiya Kazunari

Jun’s message

Look at the sky. The large sky connects between us and you. When you feel sad, when you feel happy, talk to the sky. Be strong. You’re not alone.
Matsumoto Jun

Sho’s message

I have been watching the news again and again. I have been worrying again and again. I am with you. Let’s pull through together.
Sakurai Sho

Ohno’s message

I know it must be a hard time for you all now, and the situation still continues. We will do our best to help, may everyone of you will smile again. Don’t worry, it’ll be alright!
Ohno Satoshi

I am very touched by Jun’s message. I think he writes very well.
As for Sho, it’s very sad to read the message especially i read this message after his Otonoha.
In his Otonoha, he mentioned that he was working in Kawasaki when earthquake happened.. the job stopped and after going home and contacting all his friends and Arashi members making sure that they’re alright, he has been watching news nonstop.. The earthquake happened on Friday and he can’t sleep and keep on watching news from Friday to Sunday, cant even dare to switch on the lights and heater because Japan is having severe electric shortage due to the nuclear plant crisis. Finally on Sunday… he couldn’t control himself and he cried.. The next day during ZERO, his eyes were swollen..
Many fans were worrying about him when they saw him in ZERO, so he “confessed” his feelings 2 weeks after the disaster.
He said he doesn’t like to use the word “頑張ろう” (ganbarou) in this time, he knows it’s hard to “ganbarou” now, so he use “踏ん張ろう”, i dunno how to express it..

Arashi’s signature~ Hey, the AMNOS color isn’t correct except Sho! *LOL*

Arashi signature

Jun visited Miyagi prefecture after the 311 disaster on his own. He visited a small primary school. He wanted to meet with the children there but after knowing that they were having lesson, he decided to just leave a message for them and also passed them some library coupons (where you can use to buy books). Jun, you should just “disturb” them.. your appearance might give them more power,, that’s what i think..

Jun's message to students in Miyagi

Arashi’s handwritten message for Scene DVD. Look at Ohno’s message. He use the word “て” in the DVD to complete his message :p

Arashi's handwritten message for Scene DVD

Sho’s kanji (japanese chinese word) must be very good, he writes in Kanji for almost all words.
The word “goran” (watch) is quite difficult and normally people will choose to write in hiragana but he wrote in Kanji 🙂

Sho's handwritten message for "Kamisama no Karute"

Aiba's message for his new naration show

Arashi's handwritten message for Scene album

Arashi's signature

Arashi's signature

Arashi writing “Arashi” (嵐), Look at Nino’s masterpiece!! *LOL*
He’s trying to play fool……….. Nino………..

Arashi writing "Arashi"

This was Sho’s message on year 2000. He was talking about his first drama, a special drama for Year 2000 24hr tv. Co-artists were all veterans and he was quite nervous but he enjoyed it very much. It’s quite a dark character so he ask readers to look forward to it.
If you see carefully, he wrote his surname Sakurai as “桜井” and not “櫻井”.
His real name is “櫻井” but last time he find it too troublesome to write the word 櫻井 so he used the simple version 桜井 for audition, and when he debut as Arashi, he just go with the “fake” name :p
He started to use his real 櫻井 in year 2002.. i am not too sure about this.

Sho's handwriting

This’s Arashi’s message to Music Station when they appeared as guest.
Hashiridase, Hashiridase,
Asu wo mukae ni yukou

Guess, who’s the one who wrote this?
Hee~ I’m pretty sure that it’s Ohno! 😀

Arashi's message

I’m not sure when’s this message written, might be when they had just debut? or during Juniors?
Ohno mentioned he’s going to Kyoto next year, i know he was working at Kyoto for around 1 year before debut, so most probably it’s during their juniors time.

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  • 26 9月, 2012, 0:12

    Hi there in this photo that you have posted
    I am confused as to which signature belongs to which member.
    I think that: green is Nino, Purple is Aiba, Yellow is Jun, Pink is Sho and Red is Ohno.
    I am not 100% sure… I am not even 50% sure… could you please correct me if I am wrong? ^^” sorry for bothering you though.

    rei125 Reply:

    purple: aiba , red: sho, green: nino, pink:jun, yellow: ohno, sorry… i didnt realize your message ^^;

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