Freeter, Ie wo Kau (フリーター、家を買う)

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I realized it’s my first time writing on Nino’s drama, although Nino’s my best male actor 🙂 I love to see him acting, too natural to be true.

Seiji working part time at a construction area

This is a very normal and simple home drama, featuring a young man Take Seiji and his family story. Nino plays Seiji who quits his job after working for only 3 months, and he fails to get himself a permanent job later, so he ends up working part time for more than 1 year. He has no dream and no will, and often quit his part time job for very small matter. Seiji is not in good relationship with his father who always scold him for being useless. When his mother falls ill due to depression, Seiji thought the reason was because he doesn’t have a job. He then took up a part time job at a construction company, Oetsu Construction. The job was tough but the pay was good. Seiji looks down on this kinda tough job at the beginning, but his life changed after spending time with the workers at the construction.

Seiji then realized that the reason for his mother’s depression is not because of him, his mother has been “harassed” (bullied) by the neighbor, Nakanishi. Nakanishi is jealous of Seiji and his family who stays in the same area but pay less (Seiji’s father’s company subsidy), and she hates to see Seiji’s mum good relationship with Seiji. Nakanishi’s son hates her for some misunderstanding.

Seiji has been trying very hard to take care of his mum who is almost mentally unbalanced, and at the same time working hard to earn enough money so that they could move to a new house. Seiji’s dad is not being cooperative and Seiji has to bear all the burden by himself. When he finally got an interview, his mum rang him up and asked Seiji to come back to house to help her out. Seiji had to give up the interview chance which he has been waiting long for it. He needs to work at the construction area in the morning, taking care of his mum after work, but he receives no understanding from his father. Although I’m just an audience watching at the tv, i could feel Seiji’s stress and helpless feeling 🙁

Episode 4 is the first climax of this drama. Seiji told his mum “I’m sick of you..” and he rushed out..
He then went for “nomikai” (drinks) and karaoke with his colleague and he broke down in front of them. This’s the first time he revealed his mother’s illness to his colleagues. He said “one day, if my mother is not here anymore.. maybe.. i will feel relieved.. ”
It’s so sad to hear this, of course that’s not Seiji’s true voice. He’s just letting out all his stresses.

Nino’s acting is remarkable! Believe me, you’ll cry along with him… 😥
The most touching part is not only this, but also the story after this. Seiji went back home and find his mother sitting alone in the living room. He went to his mother and as usual, putting on handcream for his mother without saying anything. He knows he has to pull through, he knows his mother is relying on him alone.

Seiji and his sister

Seiji has an elder sister Ayako who is married to a doctor. I like this character very much. She’s strong and independent. She faces some conflict with her mother in law but she dares to speak out her mind to solve the problem between them. She is much reliable than Seiji :p

Another character in this drama is Chiba Manami, Seiji’s supervisor in Oetsu Construction. It’s very rare to see ladies in construction work. Chiba has always dream of designing her own bridge. Although Seiji and Chiba has many arguments in the beginning, they begin to confide in each other after spending time together.

Chiba is in charge of construction safety. Due to her overlook in a job last time, a worker injured his leg and could no longer work. Chiba felt sorry although the accident is not totally her fault. Unfortunately accident happened again in Oetsu Construction and one of the workers, Teppei got injured. Chiba lost her confidence and thought of quitting her job. Other colluegues has been sending emails and encouragement to her. She cried in front of Seiji and shouted at Seiji “Don’t look!” Seiji turned around and just passed her tissue. I like this part 🙂

Seiji decided to move to a new house after he earned 1million. After many hard work, he finally got his first 1 million. Just when he decided to choose a new house for his family, another incident happened.

His mother, who is in depression was cheated into buying spiritual items which cost 1 million in total.. 😕 Actually it was the idea of the bad neighbor Nishimoto, who asked the swindler to cheat Seiji’s mother. Seiji’s mother knows she is in big trouble and once again she is having mental breakdown.. Seiji cant bear to see his mother in this situation, so although he knows he can report to police, he chose to pay 1 million to the swinder. He said “I just want to settle this right now at this moment, for the sake of my mum..” Suddenly I feel that Seiji has grown up…… 😥 When Seiji looked at the things his mother bought, he cried…. It’s a prayer board, praying for Seiji’s job searching….. 😥

Just when Seiji thought that he needs to restart all his life, he got an offer from a big company. At the same time Oetsu Construction offered him a permanent position too. One is a small company but with people he enjoys working with, one is a very big company which offer better pay and better future. Seiji’s father “demanded” him to choose the big company, but Seiji chose Oetsu Construction in the end. He said the person who need him most now is Oetsu Construction.

Seiji finally got understanding from his father, with his father’s help, he managed to get a loan and they finally moved to a new house.

I have a lot of feeling while watching this drama. I am thinking of changing my job too, but it has not been very smooth… I’m not sure of what i want to do in future, i have no confidence of what i can do.. I see Seiji as myself… 😕 It’s really not easy to get a job, a job you are satisfied with it. What’s important in finding a job? We can’t live without good pay, we need to survive, but we need satisfaction from job to keep us motivated… we need good companions whom we can get along with… but not everything is perfect.. hmm.. life is hard… (dakedo happy? i hope so…. oops… it’s not PIKANCHI :D)

Oh yeah, congratulations to Nino for winning the Best Actor (主演男優賞) in Television Drama Academy Award for his role in this “Freeter Ie wo Kau” (フリーター家を買う).
I’m not surprised :p
Nino’s my best actor 🙂 He’s so natural in every any role, sometimes you get mix up between the real Nino and his character in the drama/movie. It’s too real.
I know it’s not the first time Nino’s awarded this kinda acting award, but i never expect that he had won more than 10times, in almost all of his drama for the past 10yrs! Yaru-ne!

Here are more captures of Seiji-kun. Sorry, it is not very clear.. i cant afford the DVD-BOX, so i can only capture from online streaming site 🙄

Oh yeah, Aiba appeared as guest in last episode! Aiba act as a new employee to replace Chiba who has been shifted to another department :p

Finally, a very very good looking of Nino (Seiji) !!
Seiji smiled when he finally saw his mother smiling !! Nino looks good! 😳

“Freeter, Ie wo Kau” SP drama on air on 2011/10/04 !
Seiji is not a freeter anymore :p
This SP drama will feature most on the story of Seiji’s parents~

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    14 7月, 2012, 0:57

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    It´s a >Must See<. I already watched it and now I am able to soeak the text with them…^^

    <3 Nino. He played wonderful. I love him <3

    rei125 Reply:

    i love his acting too~~ he’s my No.1 actor in Japan!

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