HNA Mannequin Five Voting Poll Report

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I went to TBS today to vote for the 4th season of Himitsu no Arashi Chan Mannequin Five SP !
I am putting up preview shots of the upcoming Mannequin Five SP too, where you can only watch it inside the voting room!!!
Remember to tune in for HNA Mannequin Five SP on 20 Oct!! Finally get to see five of them appear together in HNA!! Hisashiburi !!

Big poster welcoming me !!

Reached the entrance!! Not much people since the weather was real bad..

Went inside the room to vote for it, if you don’t intend to vote, you can just view it from outside.
Anyway, online voting is available too, but sure i want go near the mannequins :p

Everyone taking photos of mannequins while deciding on which to vote

Voting sheet, with pen are distributed to fans.
After writing your votes and opinions on each mannnequin, just put it in the voting box.

Everyone was busy voting, and while voting, you can watch the preview on the tv screen.

OK, here comes the most important part, the costume of the five mannequins!!

Entry No.1

Entry No1

I dun think it’s nice when i saw it at the room, but now when I’m writing this blog, i found that it doesn’t look that bad after all! *LOL* Hmm… but come to think of it, it’s costume for dating right? I am sure i dunno how to respond if a guy appears in front of me in whole pink!!
The stall and glasses are nice, pink + gray is nice too, but maybe just too “striking” *LOL*

Entry No.2

Entry No.2

Nice!!! Simple and Nice! clean and tidy!
Just one point which i dun like about it is, too many layers 😀
3 layers + 1 jacket!
Overall it’s nice, but not my No.1

Entry No.3

Entry No.3

I think this is very very very nice, colors are matching too and i like the jacket (coat?), casual look but not too loose!

Entry No.4

Entry No.4

Hmm… what shall i say about this mannequin? I’m lost for words… *LOL*
Sorry if anyone of you vote for this, but this is not my choice… gomen….
Just imagine the costume without the jacket.. it will be soooo plain… plain tshirt + plain jeans..
Of course, he wears it with the jacket but everything looks very loose….
It would be slightly better if he doesn’t fold the jeans? Hmm….

Entry No.5

Entry No.5

Love at first sight!! 😀
I love all the colors, like the sweater and the pants, and sneakers!
In real, i would prefer it without necktie, but it definitely looks simple and plain without it, so i think the person really understand fashion?! *LOL*

So, which one is your best dating costume?

I am indecisive between No2,3,5.
In the end i chose No5 which i fall in love at first sight!
At first, just like other Arashics out there, i’m there to vote for Sho, every fans tend to vote for the one which they think is most likely the coordinate of their favourite member.
But we know it’s useless, they tend to give us suprise, remember Sho’s Verbal’s outfit? *LOL* Everyone thought it’s Aiba’s !!! So, it’s pointless, so let’s choose the one we like most! 🙂
I think the competition for this season is very high!! And they’ve improved?? Don’t you agree that this season’s outfit is better than previous one? *LOL*

I cant think well which costume belongs to which member at the spot.
Now, when I’m writing this blog, I am trying to match them.. just for fun 🙂
Entry No.1 Jun-kun
Entry No.2 Nino
Entry No.3 Aiba-chan
Entry No.4 Leader
Entry No.5 Sho-chan

OK, the reason is…
First decided is No4 Leader, well he likes Tshirt + jeans right? So… there goes my answer *LOL*
But one thing which I’m not very confident is leader seldom use any accessories including hat….
but the outfit is just too simple that i dont have any other candidates in my mind besides leader…

Second decided is No.3=Aiba, i think only Aiba has the sense to make such coordination. It looks neat and tidy and cute but i think it’s quite a very difficult coordination, not everyone will choose this kind of “colorful” and “pattern” coat, only Aiba who has a strong fashion sense will dare to try it?

As for the other three members, i really cant predict..
Decided No.5 = Sho because he likes natural colors, he chose brown (beige) color pants for the first time of Mannequin5 SP, and he often wear those very simple and light color costume during Mannequin5, so, i think he will look good in No.5, my favourite too 😀 , so No.5=Sho is my prediction.

Now left Nino & Jun…..
Hmmm…. don’t think Nino will choose No.1, so i end up with No.1=Jun, No.3=Nino.
No1 uses glasses, Jun likes to wear glasses.
But actually….. I’m wondering No.1 might be Sho because… Sho likes to wear glasses in mannequin match, and his color is RED (AMNOS color), so maybe he’s trying to appeal himself with his own color??? *LOL*

So, what’s your choice?
For foreign fans, you can vote online HERE, if you don’t understand how to fill in the form, feel free to ask. Dateline is 25 Sept (Sun) 8:00pm Japan Time.
Let’s vote and wait for the answer on 20 October!!

The preview of the SP was aired in the room.
Watched the part where they gathered in the morning at Yokohama before doing their shopping.
Here are the pictures i snapped from the screen.

Gathering at Yokohama as usual very early in the morning, this time 6:30am!

Sho’s comment was very funny… he said “Everytime it’s so early!! I woke up at 2:30am today!! It’s the waking time for Asazuba’s regular members” *LOL*
Asazuba is a morning news program which starts around 5am.
Poor Sho-chan.. if it’s Tuesday location, that means he doesnt need to sleep because ZERO finish at around 1am….

Sho: "Too early every time"

Sho: I woke up at 2:30 yesterday

Sho: It's the time for Asazuba's regular member

They were then talking about the previous mannequin SP, the host mentioned that only Aiba is trying hard to coordinate himself while the others always play cheat :p
Sho’s cheating style: Tried to immitate Aiba with “Aiba-take” (Aiba-length pants) *LOL*
Leader’s cheating style: Chose everything on the mannequin in the shopping mall *LOL*
Jun’s cheating style: Chose everything on the mannequin in the shopping mall *LOL*
Nino’s cheating style: Follow members around and pick up every item from every member and came out with “Arashi-combination-style-clothes” *LOL*

Aiba asking everyone to be honest *LOL*

Nino: I'm going to fight for No1 with my own ability this time

Sho’s comment was very funny when he heard Aiba’s talk.
He said “For me(us), it’s Aiba who’s too pure” 😀

Sho said it's Aiba who's too pure *LOL*

Aiba & Sho's reaction after hearing Nino's words

Sho & Aiba thinking hard?

Jun and Leader staring at the beautiful Yokohama

Off they went shopping.
The preview shows a few scenes on their shopping.
The funniest is Nino & Leader, as usual Nino is trying to tease Leader, i cant hear clearly what Nino said, but Leader asked Nino to leave him alone.. HAHAH finally leader “fired up” *LOL*
Nino laughed and his usual movement, rubbing his eyes. I like to see Nino’s this gesture 😆

Alright, who’s going to be in the first place and who’s going to be the last..?
The answer shall be due on 20 October!!!
Cant wait for it~~~~~!

Leader's so dark.......

Stickers for everyone who votes

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