Otonoha Vol.89 2011/09/20

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Otonoha is here again!!
Scroll down for translation.
Today’s episode is very funny! 😀

p/s: Hey, i dont think i translate well… if there’s other better word to describe sho’s writing, please tell me and i’ll correct it 🙂


It’s me.

“Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”
Filming process under great anticipation.

It was a day during drama location.

At a place where there is a monitor, and the director, together with the staffs are checking on the everything.

It was a very “common” scene.

Sakurai sat on a stool prepared by staff (those folding type where you often see people bring it to camp or outdoor activities)

He cant see the monitor well, so he tried to shift to the place where he could see the center of the monitor better.
The stool is not very stable on the ground, never mind, he said.

The stool is swaying, not very stable, never mind, he thought.

Just when he was chatting, it happened..

The stool swayed to the back together with his movement.

It would stop,

Sakurai think so and he did not feel panic at all.

But the stool just keep swaying to the back.

Sakurai begin to realize something is not right.

Right after that.

Sakurai and his manager who was beside him..




Together with the stool, they fell down behind…

After that..

The stool just fall aside but Sakurai’s body did not stop falling….


He turned a one big round…
Yeah, one round…


He has succeeded doing a backward somersault… HAHAHA, Sho never did any somersault in his Johnny’s career :p
(Iya, Yours is just a falling back, ok)

I was wearing the costume of steward (for drama)..


It was so “vivid”..

Luckily it was a soil ground, so i wasnt hurt at all…

I was the only one laughing loudly…

The rest of the people were startled..


Last time we learnt something.
“Ask before you buy”

Today’s lesson is
“Look before you sit”

It’s going to come out in exam!

Sakurai Sho (Kageyama)

Thanks Sho-chan for such a funny story 😀

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