Arashi’s Gasshuku (Camp) at Yamanakako

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I took a long time to write this, i love this gasshuku so much that i scared i’m not able to express myself well, not able to show you all how interesting is this! 😳

OK, no more nonsense talk!

This gasshuku DVD is a special content which comes together in their “ARASHI 10-11TOUR“Scene”~君と僕の見ている風景~ DOME+” (Arashi 10-11 Tour “Scene” -Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei” DOME version) , it’s only included in the first edition release as Disc 3, not in the normal edition. 

Contents of DVD

This disc 3 is 1.5hr with the following contents.

  1. Album Jacket Photo Shooting
  2. Arashi Gasshuku (Camping)
  3. “Mada Minu Sekai He” PV Making
  4. “Mada Minu Sekai He” PV

I’m going to write a review on each section, so do please get ready for my lengthy post! 😀
And also i’ll try to put a lot of screencaps, hope it doesn’t slow down the page :p

Album Jacket Photo Shooting

Nino photo shooting, As usual, he looks good:)

This chapter shows the photo shooting for the photobook enclosed in the Beautiful World album. The shooting took place in a studio at night. In between you could see Sho, Leader and Jun talking and laughing together, I don’t understand what they’re talking, but they’re laughing so much *LOL* Nino and Aiba wherelse is having their own conversation. In between, Jun said “Gomen, i have a small request, can you all help me with my solo in the upcoming concert? I will tell you the details during gasshuku meeting”, So, Jun is still the one who is in charge of the concert coordination etc. Aiba and Nino looks tired during the shooting.. ^^;

BW Photo Shooting – Sho

BW Photo Shooting – Ohno

BW Photo Shooting – Aiba

BW Photo Shooting – Jun

Sho, Leader & Jun were talking on some topics and they were laughing and laughing, Nino and Aiba looks tired.. talking “seriously” at the back there

Beautiful World Photo Shooting, romantic view~~~~

They headed to their gasshuku place at Yamanakako (山中湖), one of the lakes near Mt Fuji.

Arashi Gasshuku

This is the MOST INTERESTING PART in this disc, the main content!
They started off in a bus. They asked leader to do an opening, and leader started to “crawl” on the bus seats 😀 Urm…. he did that yearSSSS ago too, i forgot when, is it during their trip in one of their very early concerts? :p

Leader getting ready to start an opening for their trip

Eveyone suggest running for their gasshuku program, except Nino.. *LOL*

They were talking among themselves in the bus, like it might be raining etc, those daily talk, but that’s the interesting part to watch 🙂 And they begin to discuss on what sorts of program/activities they’re going to do in their trip this time. Leader said visiting aquarium 😀 Sho suggest running(jogging) and quickly Nino said “Well, those who wish to run can choose to run, not everybody” *LOL* Everyone was very positive except him and he finally had to accept it *LOL* Jun suggest BBQ and Sho said “Yeah, i wanna BBQ, i wanna BBQ”

They reached their lodging at midnight.
They begin to “jyanken” to decide on sleeping place.
There were originally four futon (bedsheets) placed in a row, and another one alone at the opposite.
Sho got the first in the jyanken and he chose the one which is alone at the opposite when they told him that is more comfortable, but then he feels so lonely.. so they tried to squeeze those futon and made some space for Sho, so in the end they sleep all in a row 😀

Jyaken to decide sleeping place

They squeeze out some space and Sho get into the center

I love this shot of Sho !! with his hair not set and can see his mustache 😳 Don’t you agree that he looks so good? 😳

Natural looking Sho, Kya~~~ he looks so good!

A very very very interesting episode happens here…
Jun brought an extra pajama for Nino, and when he took out, Sho started to laugh hysterically 😆
Even if you cant see him in the screen you could hear his laughing sound.. *LOL*
Yeah, Sho’s laughing point is very low.. he laughs a lot, one of the reason i love him sooo much!
His laughter brightens up my day! The reason for his laugh is because of the pajama….
It is Aiba’s birthday present to Jun :p

※the right gif is the part of Sho laughing, it is a courtesy from a friend, thank you!

Sho laughing hysterically at the pajama brought by Jun

Aiba trying to help Nino wearing the pajama brought here by Jun

Nino finished changing :p Now you know the reason why Sho laughed so much! *LOL*

Jun said he brought another jacket too, and when he took it out, the other laughed like anything! It's the bling-bling jacket, birthday present from them to Jun!

After a series of laughter, they jyanken again for bath (ohuro), Sho actually use his videocam and took videos of him, Nino & Aiba at the ohuro, but too bad the videos were not used by JStorm.. i wonder what he took :p HEY, JSTORM SHOW US SHO’S OHURO VIDEO~~~ 😆
Then they off the light and slept, they still played a while after switching off the lights, playing “Shiritori” game and leader mimicry a chicken!! Trust me, he really sound like a chicken! *LOL*
There’s another heart-warming talk here.
First is Nino saying “Hey, is the door locked? ” Nino is very cautious 🙂
And second is Jun saying in soft tone, “Hey, Nino, did you wear extra? Dont catch a cold”, because Nino was only wearing the pajama by Jun, and Nino woke up to wear his own tanktop inside.
Very daily conversation among themselves~

Soon, it’s morning !
Looks like it’s real, he likes to kick away his blanket while sleeping… *LOL*
Oh yeah, Aiba and Sho slept with their handphone beside them :p

Nino turning around while sleeping and Sho,, without blanket on him! *LOL*

They set the alarm clock at 5:30 and they’ve said want to compete and see who can wake up first to stop the alarm clock. In the end, it’s Jun! (surprise..) The others were not moving when the alarm is ringing.. :p
They came out of the cottage and were amazed by the beautiful Mt Fuji in front of them.

Jun, Aiba, Sho after getting up, looking at Mt Fuji in front of them

Nino & Leader got out later, very funny talk between them.

They went out for jogging and warming up before athletics workout.

Warming up

Sho was "forced" to put on a CCD camera helmet, they call him "helmet" *LOL*

Poor Sho with CCD camera helmet on him..

Sho…. looking so restless *LOL*

They were actually having quite a few types of workout here, from climbing on tall trees, sliding from each end to another (i dunno how to describe it), it really looks very thrilling and scary because the wind was strong, when it blows, the whole tree was shaking!!
The MOST interesting part is…………… there’s one section where they need to slide down, Nino goes first, then it’s Sho’s turn and Jun after that. Nino waved to Sho and said “Come on”, Sho waved back and Jun who’s standing behind him touched him, Sho was shocked and he shouted “HEY, DONT TOUCH ME, DONT TOUCH ME!!” in English!! Jun was laughing so funny!
Jun said “Go on, Sho”, Sho then sing their song “Kansya kangeki ame arashi” and at the end he shouted “ARASHI~~~~~” but still dare not slide down after that, Nino who’s waiting down there were laughing like anything! Then Jun said “alright, i’ll push you”, and Sho said “ok, please count down..” and Jun counted “3….2….” and before he said “1” he pushed Sho down, and Sho was so shocked and keep on shouting “BAKA!!!” 😆

Sho, pushed down by Jun..

Jun laughing after pushing Sho down *LOL*

Sho keep on shouting "CAMERA JYAMA" after he landed because the camera makes him cant turn round his head.. *LOL*

Nino laughed his tears out after looking at Sho, who keeps screaming "CAMERA JYAMA"

I understand why Nino laughed his tears out *LOL* This part is sooooooooooo funny, I’m laughing while writing at the same time 😀
My friend made me this gif! Thank you!

There are too many funny episodes in this athletes workout!
It’s only the beginning of gasshuku… so i guess i shall not talk too much on this part, just enjoy the photos, and i shall go on to the story after this workout.

Nino telling Sho he'll go first and wait for him down there

Besides Sho, i loves Nino's laughter also~ this guy's really CUTE!

Nino looks very very good in this gasshuku, much better than my beloved Sho (gomen, Sho-chan :oops:) I love his fair skin and his laughter too 😳 And he slides very well !! looks just like Kurono in GANTZ !!!

Leader fooling around

Clumsy Aiba *LOL*

Sho, leader, Aiba, Nino, dead beat tired..

They then headed to the place to have their lunch, they were all dead beat tired after the whole morning workout, all was sleeping except Jun! Nino is kinda awake and when he realized camera is facing them, he keeps hitting Aiba who is next to him but Aiba just wont wake up *LOL* Nino then said “Hey, camera is taking” and Aiba opened his eyes, and he begin to talk about Sho snoring at night.. *LOL*

They are talking about what to do after their lunch

They had "houtou" as lunch, something like udon

After lunch, they had a short nap, and head towards the recording studio.
This is another one of my favourite part!!!
While waiting, leader simply play with the piano there, he just simply play with one finger, and Jun suddenly asked Sho “Why don’t you play one song?”
And… Sho walked to the piano!!!!!!!

Leader playing with piano

As requested by Jun, Sho starts to sit in front of piano

Sho plays Arashi’s “果てない空” (Hatenai Sora) !! He said he couldn’t remember well, although stopping at sometimes to find the right chord, but still it’s quite good !!! No scores!!

I love guys who can play piano, it makes me love him more! *LOL* 😆
Sho learnt electronic organ and piano since he was a kid, but he has not been playing after he starts working? Just few months ago (??) he started his lesson again, he said he feel that it’s a pity that he cant play well now since he had actually learnt it when he was small, so he decided to re-start his piano lesson again, he is having piano lesson at his home every week!! Sho-chan, piano lesson, gym twice a week, do you sleep? :p

The other four Arashi members were listening and singing along with his piano.

Nino, leader, Aiba, Jun listening to Sho's piano

Hatenai sora ga soko ni arutte~~~

Here are two gifs for Sho playing piano~

Love to see the way he took out his watch~ 好優雅 😳

Looks like a prince!!! (allow me to use chinese, 果然是少爺!有氣質!)

They had a recording for “JOY” after that. Sho is moving his body with the tempo all the while and Nino is just very “calm”.. *LOL* After the recording, they had a meeting for their upcoming concert.

Recording on "JOY"

Meeting on Arashi Live Tour "Beautiful World"

When it comes to meeting, it was kinda serious.
As expected, it’s Jun who speak most, leader is quiet.. Sho is listening too.. Aiba gives out some idea.. Nino is thinking..

Discussing on the song list

Wonder what's written on the paper :p

Nino looks very good… so allow me to put up many of his snaps! 🙂

Just love Nino's sharp chin!!

He really looks good~~~~ 我喜歡用”美”來形容他。五官和臉型都是我最喜歡的。

OK, here’s the last part of gasshuku.
It’s evening after recording and they had a BBQ after that.

Sho in charge of teriyaki chicken

Jun cutting the beef

Leader washing vegetables

Their BBQ

Aiba was trying to start a fire, Nino was not there during the BBQ preparation.
DVD did not state where he went, but his interview alone was done inside the recording room, so he must be doing some recording at that time.

They had some talk during the BBQ.
Leader said it’s “懐かしい” (nostalgic) to have five of them staying together in one room, waking up together and enjoy activities together, it has been years since they last do so. I dunno when’s their last time having such experience together, but this reminds me of the Mago Mago Boat Club many many many years ago. It’s another very good documentary i should say ?
This’s the end of their gasshuku.
This DVD includes the interview of members alone, hmm,, some sort like what they feel about this 10yrs etc.
It was a very nice to watch gasshuku, Thank you Arashi.

Have anyone wonder why they went for this gasshuku? Actually they just want to train Sho for the sliding (well, this might not be the top reason though), they have planned to have a sliding opening at Kokuritsu Concert, too bad it was cancelled on the first day of concert due to typhoon, they managed to do it on the 2nd day though. During MC, they finally told Sho that it’s some sort like a preparation for him *LOL*

By the way, here’s some extra information.
The cottage which they stay was Yamanakako Guesthous Teatime in Yamanashi prefecture.
There are 4 types of cottage here and the one they’re staying is Cottage Pokhara
I wanna go there !!!! Maybe i should ask another 4 Arashics to go with me? 😀

And another information on Sho’s bag 😀
It’s LV Damier All Over Print Duffle Bag , oops…. i dun like LV.. 😕

“Mada Minu Sekai He” PV Making

This part shows their “Mada minu sekai he” (まだ見ぬ世界へ) PV Making.
They had both PV taken at two studio and costumes was different too, one was colorful and one was black+white. The black and white version was taken in the same studio as their debut song (A・RA・SHI).
Sho looks quite “chubby” in this season…. 😕 face kinda round…. 😕

During the PV making, you could see that Aiba is very serious, no wonder Nino always say that “相葉さんは、引くぐらい真剣に練習してる”, meaning he keeps on practising their dance.
So when Aiba keeps on practising during interval, Nino stopped him and told him “that’s enough” :p
There are two parts which Nino is very cute, one is when he made a mistake in his dance and he was kinda frustrated and clapped his hands.. cute Nino! Another was when he has no pants to wear 😀 Looks like his pants are a bit big in size, so they are fixing it, and he had no pants to wear for sometime, so he keeps shouting “Can someone give me my pants?” *LOL*

Mada minu sekai he PV making

Nino looking at majime Aiba

Exhausted Aiba and Leader

Exhausted Jun, still looks so "kakkoii" *LOL*

Exhaused Sho

Sho trying to cool himself down in front of the fan

“Mada Minu Sekai He” PV

Just the PV of “Mada Minu Sekai He” (まだ見ぬ世界へ)

I’ve took more than 6 hours to write this!!
I hope you enjoy and like it!
For those who has not watched before you can buy this DVD, it’s definitely worth it! This extra DVD is not included in the normal edition, you got to buy the first edition, don’t mix it up.
It’s altogether around 5.5 hours!! Imagine, 5.5hours DVD with 3 disc.. Disc1 and Disc2 features the last day of their 10-11 Scene concert at Fukuoka, and Disc 3 is the one i have been writing till now.

ARASHI 10-11TOUR“Scene”~君と僕の見ている風景~ DOME+”
(Arashi 10-11 Tour “Scene” -Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei” DOME version)

Available at Amazon

First edition (with this gasshuku inside)

Normal edition

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    I ‘ve just  read this report, thank you very much for your sharing again. Of course, I watched this already but  here you make me clearer what they talked about, and how lovely they are…  I also like to watch when they are together likes this, it is great to see how close they are..^^

    rei125 Reply:

    i love this DVD the most! i remembered watching it for 4 days continuously when i first get it :p
    and i keep on laughing and laughing 🙂

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    I reali luv reading yr posts~ U dunno how much I laugh! So glad I found this site!!! This reali helps alot of non-japanese fans!!! Of course, i’m gonna try to learn japanese so I can understand them better!!! I reali reali appreciate yr translations & efforts!!!! Super grateful!!!!!!!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks 🙂
    i took hourSSSS to write for each post… so comments are really a big encouragement 🙂 I love this DVD very much, i was laughing when writing, and i can laugh when reading it again too, or just imagining it LOL five of them are really funny :p

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    hello! Every now and then I visit your blog when I want to just get a pick-up from a bad day. It never fails to make me happy! Thank you! 😀 I was always wondering where they stayed because it was such a beautiful place. I didn’t expect that you’d be able to find it! You’re awesome! 😀 

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    This article is genuinely a pleasant one it helps new net viewers, who
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