Ao no Honoo (青の炎)

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Today I’m going to pick up on Nino’s old movie “Ao no Honoo” (青の炎). Nino was just 19 or 20 when he shoot this movie. It was a very deep and sad movie which shows the emotion of a young high school boy, who appeared to be normal, just like other teenagers, but in fact lonely in his heart.

As mentioned just now, Nino was very young that time and the first time when i watched this movie, i feel so amused by his his voice 😀 His voice has not changed yet and it sound kinda like “little small boy”, You can try watching if you’re a new fan of Arashi or Nino, you’ll know what i meant 🙂

Nino played Kushimori Shuuichi, a 17 year old boy who lives with his mother and younger sister Haruka. It was a happy family until his estranged stepfather Sone Ryuji appeared and begin to freeload off his family. Sone drinks and often got himself drunk. One day, when he saw Sone trying to make sexual harassment to his sister, he decided to get rid of Sone. He tried to seek advice from lawyers but when he found that he has no other way to get him out of their house, he started his plan to kill Sone…

Through research and experiments on electrocution, he finally carried out his plan in murdering Sone. The police declares Sone had died of natural disease. When everything seems to be back to normal, Shuuichi’s classmate Ishioka appeared in front of him and told him that he knows what Shuuichi did, Ishioka demanded 300,000yen from Shuuichi or else he threatens to tell the police. Shuuichi later knows that Sone was a cancer patient and he will die sooner or later. He regretted for his action but the fact that he had killed Sone could not be erased. In order to keep it a secret, he fools Ishioka into staging a robbery at his workplace and Shuuichi stabs him, making it looks like a self-defence. Everything seems perfect but unfortunately the police in charge of this case, Kano managed to sees through the flaws in the incident.

Shuuichi regretted for killing Sone

Shuuichi interogated by police

Shuuichi knows that he could never run away. He promices Kano he will be back the next day surrending himself. Kano let him go. Shuuichi met his school friend Noriko and admitted what he had done all these while.. And he left him with a cassete tape, recording on Shuuichi’s talk about his favourite things.

Shuuichi and his classmater, Noriko

Shuuichi then left Noriko.
I thought he was heading to the police station but……………..
Shuuichi commited suicide then………
So sad !!!! 🙁
Shuuichi said he do not want to cause trouble to his family, he doesn’t want his family to be despised for being a murderer’s family… so he chose to die.

I was shocked at the ending….
Shuuichi’s only 17 !! Well, he killed his father, he killed his classmate..
Yeah,, killing is a criminal..
But, he was just trying to protect his family…
So sad….. !!

Shuuichi and his sister, Haruka

Shuuichi loves his sister Haruka very much, although later he realized that his sister has no blood connection with him, in fact his sister was Sone’s daughter.. The conversation between Shuuichi and Haruka is always very warming. Shuuichi’s so cute when he said “Faster get out of my room, or else I’m going to take off all my clothes”:D” but Haruka just said “Doozo” and he smiled. I love this part because Shuuichi’s eyes was kind and tender, unlike those times when he was alone.

Shuuichi is a very lonely boy, although he has a “happy” family staying with his mother and sister, he chose to have his room in a garage.. he always lock himself there and talk to the tape recorder himself.. and always “hide” himself inside a big tank (aquarium).. You can feel that he has no one to confide, and he’s not happy, he’s lost…

"What shall i do to protect my family..? "

"I have so much things to do before i hang myself"

"Come on, think think think!!"

"Basically it's only the experiment of my imagination"

Nino, although young, played Shuuichi very well. I always love to watch Nino acting, this’s the first time i watched his very early movie, almost 10yrs ago, compared to his acting now, it was green, but still you can know that this guy can act! Look at his eyes, his expression, he’s good at this kind of sad character..

Shuuichi and Noriko

It’s not consider a very interesting movie, and i feel kind troubled after watching it..
but i would recommend this to all Nino’s fans 🙂
And the music is very nice… (very sad one though), the opening english song suit the movie very much.
This movie originates from a japanese novel of the same title.

The trailer uses the word “切ない殺人者” (sad murderer) to describe this movie, yeah!! that’s the word… it’s sad..

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