Tv Life 2011.09.17 Member’s Secret by Members!

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TV Life 2011.09.17 featuring Arashi

Today I’m going to do a pickup for the latest TV Life, one of the most interesting interviews recently!
I love interview with member’s free talk, and today they talk about each member’s “secret”, which means some new information leak out! This is more exciting than any other official information or announcement 😀

OK, before i go for those “secret”, this TV Life features on their Beautiful World Concert which was hold one week ago at Kokuritsu. It also comes with one big Arashi poster, both front and back. Well, I dun really like poster and i dun collect them too, so they always stay folded in my magazines 😳 And also information on Sho’s new drama “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode” (not much information though coz they just cranked in)

Nino looks very nice!!! and Aiba too!!

There are 5 pages related to BW Concert, it reminds me of my beautiful memory 🙂

Alright, here comes the most anticipated part!!
Members revealing “S-E-C-R-E-T” of other members!!
I’m trying to keep the picture big, so that you can read the original message from them, you can click to enlarge in view it in lightbox style, just click next for the next picture.

First comes Sho-chan talking about the other four members!

Leader’s secret:Basically he wears only those tshirts that he got it from others in his daily life. The one he wear today was also from an artist(painter) Nara Yoshitomo. And he always wear the tshirt from Aiba. Anyway, he wears only those tshirt presented from others one whole year! *LOL*

Oops, Sho-chan, this is no longer a secret *LOL* But it’s still new to get to know that Leader received tshirt from Nara Yoshitomo

Aiba-kun’s Secret
Aiba mentioned that “I can immitate Yon-A-Chan (a korean artist in Japan. she appeared in HNA and VS)”, he tried to immitate the Yon-A in a CM, urm… his mimicry is totally NOT SAME! Unfortunately it is not aired! *LOL*

Nino’s secret
Nino always appear with a small bag even though it’s a overnight stay. Urm, around the size of a small pouch… I wonder it’s either he’s good at packing or he doesn’t have a big bag! For me it’s definitely impossible

Ah, this reminds me of their MC talk during 2004 Iza Now concert. They were talking about their bags and luggage they bring when they are having concert in other area, Leader always come with a small pouch, those you put in around your waist. *LOL* Nino also comes with a small tote bag, but Sho always appear with a LARGE BIG BAG! *LOL* He puts everything inside and brings all those items that he might use! OK, 几帳面派 (Kichomen), serious type ne! Leader also mentioned that Sho appeared with a big suitcase during their trip to Hawaii in an interview in Shonen Club Premium. Happy to hear this because I’m the same too! *LOL*

Matsujun’s Secret
He is playing as a boxer for his upcoming stageplay, so he’s trying hard to keep fit now, Now he eats almond for his meal. Well, i’m not sure what’s good about almond actually.. *LOL*

Hey, I love Almond!

Next, Aiba talking about other members!

Leader’s Secret
Leader and I seems to have quite a similar pants (underwears), during clothes changing, i always realized.. “hey, i also have the same one”.. *LOL*

Sho-chan’s Secret
Hmm.. if Natto=Matsujun, then Sho-chan is definitely boiled egg! He always eat that, those from convenient store. Although it’s not everyday, but always saw him eating it during waiting interval. It’s more like a snack rather than a side dish.

Didn’t know this!! Thanks Aiba-chan for that special information! KYA~~~

Nino’s Secret
Nino often do stretch to keep fit on his abdominal muscle. He did it during his concert rehersal, Hmm.. you have to ask him yourself if you want to know whether the reason behind it is for concert or nope.. *LOL*

Yeah, heard about Nino trying to get back to his shape, some complaints were heard when he showed his “bloated” belly in a variety.. anyway, it’s good to keep fit! I wish I have the perseverance too..

Matsujun’s Secret
He often eats natto. He did not mix it to rice, he just had it like that *LOL* I saw him eating at least once a day, he must be eating that at home too, so i think he really eats A LOT of them.

Next, Satoshi talking about members.

Sho-kun’s Secret
That day, after my appearance in “24Hour TV” show, i got a mail from him, he said he watched. I replied and sent him a photo with me in Kaibutukun outfit, and he replied me, sending me his photo in a very strange outfit!! *LOL*

Hey, leader, show us the photo!! Strongly demand leader to show us in any occasion during their variety!

Aiba-chan’s Secret
He has been very absorbed in fishing! He often tell me excitedly “Leader, I went out to sea recentlly,” *LOL* Hope to go fishing with him one day!

Leader and Aiba enjoys each other companion, it’s good that Aiba begins to like fishing too.. but… Aiba-chan, please don’t get yourself sunburnt! *LOL*

Nino’s Secret
Come to talk about it, he doesn’t play magic anymore recently. I dunno whether he stopped playing outside too, but at least he seldom show us now. I didnt hear anything about it, maybe he has got sick of it? *LOL*

Yeah.. nowadays Nino seldom show us magic.. miss his magic, he’s totally a professional!

Matsujun’s Secret
He’s controlling on his diet. He always bring onigiri inside a plastic tupperware and bring it to work, and eat it.

Jun must be trying very hard to keep fit, controlling his diet for his stageplay starting this october. And he’s very strict and stoic to himself, I’m sure we can see another Jun very soon!

Next, Nino talking about others!

Leader’s Secret
Hmm.. I wonder what is Leader doing recently.. He often sleep in dressing room, but come to say of it, others member are sleeping too… Alright, i will try to communicate more with him next time! *LOL*

Cant imagine all of them sleeping in the dressing room.. :p

Sho-san’s Secret
Sho-san is recently is busy promoting his movie, “ohh.. sho san!”, i often see him in a lot of varieties. We also helped him in promotion in our own variety! *LOL*

Aiba-san’s Secret
Latest news is here! Now, right beside me, he is choosing his bento! A little extra information, Aiba-kun loves karaage (fried chicken), so he always buy another extra karaage besides bento *LOL*

Hey, Nino, that’s not a secret, EVERYONE knows Aiba-chan lovessssss karaage! *LOL*

Jun-kun’s Secret
He often cook himself and bring it to work. Well, it’s not like those well prepared bento, but i still think that’s sugoi. Urm.. i’ve never had it before though *LOL*

Yeah, Jun loves cooking and he cook himself at home, totally different from his image ne!

Lastly, Jun talking about the other four!

Leader’s Secret
I heard that he often goes fishing with NEWS’s Kato Shigeaki, from what i heard from Kato, “Ohno-kun never try any effort to prevent from sunburnt!” Unbelievable-ne ! *LOL*

Sho-kun’s Secret
He sent me a birthday mail once date changes to 8/30. It must be after “ZERO~”, and I was very happy to receive it!

Aiba-san’s Himitsu
Just right now, he gave me birthday present! Two t-tshirts, one with american comics print, and another with a character print. Happy!

Aiba-chan loves giving out tshirts? *LOL*

Nino’s Secret
Recently, Nino and I mailed each other often. “What are you doing now?” “My friend (staff) will be in the same work with you , yoroshiku” something like that, Hmm, the one i keep in contact most recently is Nino.

Hey,, i want to be the staff… who is also Nino’s friend… !! Nino, yasashii~~~

Poster (front and back) inside magazine

That’s all! Hope you enjoy!
I’m getting tired of translation *LOL*

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