Kaibutsukun (怪物くん)

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This drama involves story between the Human Land, Kaibutsu (Monster) Land and Demon Land. Hundreds of years ago, the King of Kaibutsu Land defeated the price of Demon Land (Demonkin, played by TOKIO’s Matsuoka) who tried to conquer and take over the world by himself. Since then, the Human Land, Kaibutsu Land and Demon Land has maintain a balance, everyone in each land is living in peace and harmony.

Ohno plays Kaibutsukun, the prince of Kaibutsu Land. He was rambunctious and spoilt by his father and often use his power to bully his attendants. On the day where he was supposed to succeed the throne, his father, the King of Kaibutsu Land ordered him to visit the Human Land as a part of his training before he can really become the king. He was unwilling, but to no avail. Kaibutsukun was accompanied by three servants, Dracula, Wolfman and Franken.

Ohno playing Kaibutsukun

Dracula, Wolfman and Franken

During his “tour” to the Human Land, Kaibutsukun met two children, Hiroshi and his sister Utako. He become friends with them and they encounter a lot of adventures together. Although this is quite a hilarious drama and you just need to turn on your tv and sit there laughing, but as you know, japanese drama always end up with some meaning, every episode shows different story and different moral behind it. Kaibutsukun learnt what is “friend”, what is “love”, what is “money” etc through his adventures with them. From a spoilt boy, he learnt how to be considerate and how to sacrifice for others in the end.

Demonkin who was defeated by Kaibutsukun’s Father hundreds of years ago was not totally dead. His lover, Demorina tried all means and ways to save him. She’s trying to make use of human being and use their soul to save Demonkin, but everytime her plan was ruined by Kaibutsukun. It’s only until the last 2 or 3 episodes that Demonkin woke up after hundreds of years and the battle between Kaibutsukun and Demonkin starts…

As mentioned just now, every episode shows different encounter of Kaibutsukun with the humankind, these stories are quite heart warming sometimes, i love the episode of Kaibutsukun and “otoshiyori” (old people), the “noisy” obaasan who made Kaibutsukun angry by adding egg into his favourite curry.

I can never think of anyone more perfect than Ohno to play Kaibutsukun. I like to see him acting since Maou, and he’s definitely good in this drama also! He looks sooooo cute! and the costume suits him so much! *LOL* The three servants are also fabulous! They’re sooo funny! Especially Franken played by Korean artist(?) Choi Hong Man.

I like to see Kaibutsukun with his father also, he called his father “Papa”, Ohno’s voice is sooooo cute, just like a small kid calling for his daddy 😀

Oh yeah, Kaibutsukun wears like a human being when he travelled to Human Land but in his own Monster Land, he looks different.. Sorry, i must say….. this is very UGLY !!!! I cant accept it..

Don’t you think that it’s ugly…. ? 🙁
In fact i think his Papa and Demonkin looks much better… WHY ?


Kaibutsukun's Papa

Another touching scene was the last scene at last episode..
When Kaibutsukun said he doesnt want to go back to his country and wants to stay at Human Land, Hiroshi told him, “You cant, you’re the prince of Kaibutsu Land, if you don’t go back, who’s going to take care of people of Kaibutsu Land?” Hiroshi and Utako are in fact very sad to have Kaibutsukun leaving them, but the young Hiroshi “forced” himself to say these to Kaibutsukun, very warming… 😥

Oh yeah, Jun appeared as special guest in this drama!

Jun as special guest! a servant of Kaibutsukun! *LOL*

More scene captures~

お金最高!(Money is the best! *LOL*)

Kaibutsukun taking part in sports event at Hiroshi's school

Kaibutsukun is sad when he had to run away, leaving all his friends..

Kaibutsukun lost his power

Looking forward to Kaibutsukun’s movie launching this 26 November 2011, on Ohno’s birthday!

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