Otonoha Vol.88 2011/09/10

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Sorry, i was late, kinda busy these few days 😕
Anyone waiting…? or maybe you’ve read elsewhere 🙂

Here comes Otonoha Vol.88 !!!

As usual, this otonoha picture was grabbed online, and you can scroll down for my translation 🙂

Sho's Otonoha Vol.88 2011/09/10


It’s me.

Recently, before “crank in” for my new drama “Nazo toki wa Dinner no Atode”,

I went and bought myself fragrance candle.

Since I’m going to spend most of my time in this dressing room until December, I am thinking of making this dressing room a more comfortable “personal space”.

One day,

When five of us were working together.

Since this is my first appearance in Fuji TV drama,

I am not sure about the way to spend time in studio (canteen, dressing room).

I decided to ask Matsumoto and Ninomiya how they spent their time at studio.

Sakurai: “How di you spend your time?”

Ninomiya, Matsumoto: “It is very far from studio to dressing room…. Unless you have very long interval, or else it would be better to wait at the studio”

( ̄O ̄;) ←He likes to use face mark :p


My fragrance candle… !?

What shall i do with them !?

When am i going to use them if i don’t return back to dressing room !?

Haa…. ←meaning sigh..


“Ask before buying”

This is a lesson for future.

Anyway, i’ve “cranked in”

From now till December.


How many candle wax will be burned…



(Hey…. Back to work!)

Sakurai Sho

Sho seems to like aroma scent. Forgot in which situation or ocasion, he mentioned he has them in his room too.
“Serebu dane…”

For those who are not sure what is Otonoha, it’s Sho’s diary, written by himself every 10th and 20th, and sometimes when he’s in the mood :p
If you stay in Japan, pay 315yen/mth and you can read not only Sho, but also Arashi’s member’s diary through Johnny’s Web (mobile).
Sho has been writing since 2008/03/30, more than 3 years ago.
He shares all the stories around him, his family, his friends, and lots more..
all happy stories, sad stories, everything that comes to his mind..
I enjoy waiting for every 10th & 20th 😀

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