Kamisama no Karute Review (神様のカルテ)

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Kamisama no Karute Poster outsite theater room

I’m going to write on this before i lost the enthusiasm 😀

Today, I’ve finally watched “Kamisama no Karute”, after waiting for so long!
Urm… it’s hard to start my review… because I am not 100% satisfied with it….., in fact a little dissapointed 🙄
Hmm… it’s not that the movie is not good, it’s not that the actors and actress are bad..
I personally think that the movie is too “hasty” or “hectic”. I guess the main reason is i’ve read the comic and novel before this, and i found that the movie has cut off a lot of important stories, maybe a 2 hour film is not enough to show all the scenes and episodes in this novel, but i think they focus too much on those hectic and busy hospital scenes. Yeah, “Kamisama no Karute” is a story mainly on a doctor and his patients, but it is also a story between the friendship of three guys, Ichito(一止), Gakushi(学士), Dansyaku(男爵). The movie cut off most off the stories between these three guys, except the part where Gakushi is leaving Ontakesou (御嶽荘), the place where they’ve lived together for many years.

For those who are unfamiliar, this movie is based on a bestselling novel of the same name by an actual doctor. Sho plays Kurihara Ichito, a doctor in a hospital in a small town. In such small towns, doctors are always short handed and he needs to work almost 24hours a day, 365 days a year. Most of the time, he needs to attend to those patients who are beyond his field. Ichito is married with a photographer, Haruna, and they stayed in an old apartment which was previously a ryokan. Ichito has two good pals staying together with them, that is Gakushi(学士) and Dansyaku(男爵). “Gakushi” means bachelor, he was given this nickname because he has high educational background and he writes a lot of thesis. As for “dansyaku”, sorry i forgot why he is called that… 😳 One day, Ichito met with a patient with a terminal cancer. He recommended the patient to big hospital, but the doctors there do not willing to accept her, the doctors told her, there’s no cure for her illness and they could do nothing, it’s better for her to go back and do what she likes for the remaining of her life. The patient (Azumi) went back to Ichito and pleaded Ichito to let her stay in Ichito’s hospital. Ichito agreed, and the story begins here, between Ichito and his patient, Azumi.

When i was reading the comic and novel, i love the part when the three guys were drinking and talking in their apartment. The most shocking and touching part in the novel besides the final ending was the part where Gakushi commit suicide and he collapsed in front of Ichito… Gakushi actually deceived Ichito and Dansyaku, he lied to them that he’s an university graduate and now writing thesis for the university, in fact his education level is only up to highschool, he failed his university entrance test for many years… His mum’s biggest wish is to see that he got himself a degree.. When he received news that his mum has passed away, he couldn’t accept the fact and tried to commit suicide… Ichito was shocked at his friend’s behaviour, he never know Gakushi has so much stories behind him… The conversation between Ichito and Gakushi in the hospital room was soooooooo much touching, but all these were not shown in the movie 😥

Gakushi leaving Ontakesou

They were shouting "banzai"

Gakushi has to leave Ontakesou and go back to his hometown after he was discharged. Haru and Ichito, together with Dansyaku gave him a warm farewell, they painted walls and floors of the apartment with sakura, and bid farewell to Gakushi, this part was shown in the movie and the most touching part is when Haru shouted “Banzai”.. but without the story of Gakushi comitting suicide, this part seems so “plain”.. The movie only has Gakushi confessing his own “secret” before leaving them.. hmm…

Ichito was offered to work at another big hospital which provides the best medical technology, with better environment. He was in a dilemma whether to go or continue staying at this hospital where the environment is really bad.. At the same time Azumi’s condition worsened.. Ichito decided to give up on blood transfusion despite a massive hemorrhage by Azumi.. This’s Azumi’s last wish to him, and he decided to let her go.. to the place where her husband is waiting for her..

Ichito was heart broken

Haru comforting Ichito

The part where Sho cried out loudly, and Miyazaki Aoi as Haru went near him and try to comfort him was very well taken. I like this scene. Haru does not need to speak anything, she just need to give Ichito a shoulder to rely on. That’s husband and wife.

Ichito's patient, Azumi

By the way,, I dun really like the actress who act as Azumi.. alright, she’s a very senior actress and her acting was acknowledged by all, but… i just think that her face looks very fierce and not suitable for Azumi. From what i read from the book, Azumi is a very peaceful old lady, and has a sweet and kind smile.. but this actress dont… She’s not my ideal Azumi.. 🙁

I like the last ending scene, scene between Ichito & Haru. Haru said she wants to thank kamisama, Ichito asked why.. Haru whispered to him, and Ichito jumped up and say “oh… let’s go in now, don’t sit outside here, it’s so cooling”, yeah, Haru is pregnant~ good ending 🙂

Overall, the movie is not that bad, if you havent read the books, maybe you will like it, but if you’ve read it, i’m sure you’ll feel the same as me, there’s something “not perfect”, “not enough”.. Anyway, besides those sad scenes, sometimes you could hear laughter from audience, mostly because of Ichito 😆 His expression could be very funny sometimes!

Ichito's funny expression

Know Sho has been putting a lot of effort in this movie, he has been carrying a very heavy burden during the whole shooting, he mentioned that he tried to keep his mood down during the whole shooting to get into the character. Miyazaki Aoi and other characters on the other hand tried to cheer him up, so that he can feel relaxed. Sho shed tears during his crank up of the movie, first time in his acting career!! He must be real tired.. he said he feel helpless the whole shooting, and keeps on thinking on how fragile one’s life could be..

Otsukaresama-deshita, Sho-chan!

Ichito & Haru in front of Jinjya (japanese shrine)

I only read part 1, I’m going to read Part 2 soon~

Kamisama no Karute Comic and Novel

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4 Comments on “Kamisama no Karute Review (神様のカルテ)”

  • Pauline
    19 5月, 2012, 20:15

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    Thank you for this review, really interesting ! I cannot read the book so i’m glad you speak about it and explain the important parts. But maybe you should try to watch this movie without thinking too much about the book, maybe you’ll be able to appreciate it more in some times. ( I had this kind of exprerience with the adapatation of “Honey and Clover”). I must say that i really appreciated “Kamisama no Karute”. This movie has something special. I liked the atmosphere : quiet and gentle, like the characters of Ichito and Haru. I also liked Sho a lot in this film…so strange and so nice in the same time…lol

    rei125 Reply:

    maybe you’re right, i didnt read Honey and Clover, so i find it quite ok, but some people will find it not good enough, wonder why books are always better? :p
    But… still the story of Gakushi is so important… in my opinion.. ^^;
    I was anticipating Sho’s acting in that scene where he saw Gakushi commiting suicide in front of him.. (thinking too much..)
    I like Miyazaki Aoi as Haru, they really look like couple!

  • Pauline
    27 5月, 2012, 6:15

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    You really make me want to read this book ! Actually i bought it even if i can’t read japanese (but with Sho on the cover, i couldn’t stop myself …lol). I think you need a little time to accept the movie as it is. I like Miyazaki Aoi too, in this movie she’s close to perfection ! They’re really cute together. (It makes me think of the Aflac cm with the “singing” duck, it was sooooo cute !)

  • kayla
    26 11月, 2013, 15:38

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    where can i watch the movie with eng subs

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