Child Minder Sho & Ohno

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Hey, do you know / recognize the little girl above?
If you don’t, let me give you a hint.. her name is Koharu, Koharu-chan… I should have hear all Arashicks shouting “Oh yeah..!!” 😆
Yes, she’s the little girl that Sho & Ohno look after in Himitsu no Arashi Chan Childminder corner 3 years ago!
Wow, she has grown up! and she looks sooo cute~~ She is shooting an advertisement with her mum. Wonder if she still remember Sho Daddy & Ohno Mummy? 😆

Alright, i shall take this chance to write on this episode of Himitsu no Arashi Chan, featuring Sho, Ohno & Koharu on 2008.06.12. This is one of my most favourite episode of HNA, i cant recall how many times I’ve watched it!
I love to see how Sho carries Koharu-chan, you can imagine he is definitely a good daddy in future!

Koharu-chan doesnt seem to like both of them 😛 She keeps crying for “mama”

They tried to make Koharu-chan smile with the laughing bag but failed.. Sho’s so funny! 😆

Koharu-chan starts crying.. and Sho hugs her in his arm.. He is definitely a good “papa” in future~ 😀

Koharu-chan starts to fall asleep in Sho’s arm. Envious!

Sho looked so funny when he said Koharu-chan is so heavy *LOL*

Sho tried to place Koharu-chan on the carpet but he doesnt know when’s the timing to let off his hands! This part is super funny! 😆

When Sho finally placed Koharu-chan on the carpet, the little gal woke up and began to cry again..

Sho pats on little Koharu-chan, Ohh,, he’s soooo sweet!

After a while, Sho called on Ohno, but no one answer, and he realized that Ohno has falled asleep!! So funny!! Ohno looks so distracted when Sho woke him up! *LOL*

Ohno made udon for Koharu-chan’s lunch. Sho laughed so loud when Koharu-chan said “ume” when she ate the udon. “Ume” means delicious but it’s normally used by men, its so funny that this little koharu-chan said that, maybe influenced by her own dad. Oh, just to mention that one of the reason i like Sho is because of his laughter *LOL* 😆 He laughs very easily, and his laughter always brightened up my day! 😀 They played with Koharu-chan in the park after lunch.

It’s bath time, Sho tried to take off Koharu-chan’s clothes but it’s a bit hard.. so he said “Banzai” and Koharu-chan put up her hands!! So funny and cute!! Koharu-chan’s mum had told both of them that she hates shampoo, so when they tried to wash her hair, she started to cry, but she managed to overcome her fear in the end!

They played with Koharu-chan after bath time. Koharu-chan is no longer afraid of them, Sho showed her Arashi’s concert DVD *LOL* and she seems to enjoy it!

I was surprised when Koharu-chan said “kakkoii” after watching the concert DVD. She’s only 1 yr 10mths old !

Koharu-chan’s mum is back in the evening, time to say good bye, she gave Sho & Ohno a good bye kiss 😳 Ohh~~ I’m so envious of Koharu-chan! *LOL*

Minna, gomen….
I focussed too much on Sho and neglected Leader…. 😕
I really like to see Sho with children, he’s so gentle~~ Sometimes we also see him very strict with those playful and naughty children… (like in one episode with Aiba, he lectured on the kids, and insisted that they finish their homework, hey, sho-chan, they are not your kids! *LOL*) He really knows how to handle small children, maybe the reason is he has a brother who is 13 yrs old younger than him. He loves his brother very much, often talk about his brother in Sho-Beat, mentioning on how he represent his parents to attend his brother’s school event etc.

I’m sure he’ll be a very good father in future, hmm… a strict father i would say, my instinct told me that 😳 Oh… who’s that lucky gal…. 😳

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14 Comments on “Child Minder Sho & Ohno”

  • therrygene
    24 12月, 2011, 16:54

    Shooooo! 🙂 You’re soooo kind. BTW, I really really also love his laugh. 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    yeahyeah, his laughter really brightens up my day, love his “HAHAHAHAHA” :p

  • therrygene
    25 12月, 2011, 19:05

    i really love how you can clearly hear “HAHAHA!” in his laugh, xDDDD

  • Dorcas
    19 10月, 2012, 16:10

    Hi!! May i know which episode is this? ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    The one aired on 2008.06.12

  • laoracci
    5 3月, 2013, 11:46

    shochan + kids will always be my most favorite ones like in HnA and MMA episodes ///v///<
    i'm sure he WILL be an awesome papa in the future
    aah i love him so much \(≧▼≦)/

    and koharu was so lucky ne~ she's still so cute <3

    rei125 Reply:

    the pic was two years ago, and koharu has grown up more :p

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