My first Arashi Concert @ Kokuritsu!

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Hey!! I’ve finally watched my first Kokuritsu Concert this 2011.09.03 !!! 
It was a miracle, the very first time in my life that i began to believe that there’s really a “miracle”!!
I was lucky to be offered a ticket at the original price!
Although concert has began for 1.5 hour, I still feel so happy!! Yeah, kokuritsu!! You guys know how hard is it to get just a ticket!!

Arashi BW Concert@Kokuritsu

When i was heading to the entrance, I heard “Hero”… And when i reached the gate, i heard Aiba’s “Jyanakute”.. Ohh…. it’s Sho’s solo after Aiba, I have only less than 5 minutes to get to my seat or else I’m going to miss my Sho-chan !!
The staff told me, my seat is Arena B which is in Gate 16, and the place I was standing was Gate 42 ?!! Oh my gosh… I ran and ran and ran.. heading towards Gate 16.. You can imagine how big is Kokuritsu,, I almost went around half of the stadium… When i reached Gate 16,the staff told me, Arena seat was downstairs, so i have to get down the stairs and walk further… And at this time.. I heard Sho’s “Kono mama motto” music… ARRGGGHHHH Sho-chan !!!!! WAIT FOR ME !!!
I went down the stairs and ran and ran to Arena’s gate… and by the time i got in, of course,, Sho’s solo has finished… 🙁 they were singing “Everybody Zenshin”… With the help of the staffs, i finally got into my seat, and by this time they were already singing “Kitto Daijyobu”. From Hero → Jyanakute(じゃなくて) → Kono mama motto (このままもっと) → Everybody Zenshin → Kitto daijyoubu (きっと大丈夫), wow,, it took me more than 20mins to get to my seat!! Alright, sorry for my lengthy opening…

Hey, miracle did not end here !! My seat was Arena, and it’s just IN FRONT OF THE CENTER STAGE !!
Can you imagine how excited was i !! Yeah, Arashi dun really stay still in the center stage, but they mostly will gather in center stage, during MC or during dance. And, they’re sooooooooo close to me!! Just right in front of me !! I saw my beloved Sho-chan 😳 !!! And of course Nino~~~~ Aiba-chan~~~~ Leader~~~~ Jun-kun~~~~~~~ !!!

Sho-chan, he looks sooooooooooooo lovely and he’s sooo good looking !! We know his face sometimes looks a bit “chubby” on tv :D, but he looks much much much better in real!! No wonder leader said Sho-chan is “ikemen” (handsome guy). He has a sweet sweet smile !! Yeah, it’s s-w-e-e-t !! And, he’s so slim!! He’s fair. He’s fit!

Nino, he looks the same as in tv! Yeah, this guy is cute tooo!!! He appears with slightly curly perm hair (front hair), i like Nino with this hairstyle, especially it gets very cute when he sweats all over :p
I keep on shouting “Ninoooooo~~~~~” when he walk past, and Nino as usual keeps showing “peace” sign~

Aiba-chan, he also looks the same as in tv, and yes, he’s looks very stylish because he’s tall and slim. He looks good in all outfit!

Jun-kun, i first saw him in Waku Waku Charity Event, that was a close distance too, and the first impression of him was “good looking guy” and his features are so “sharp” (hmm.. 顔が濃い), this’s the second time i saw him in real, the impression is still the same.

Leader Oh-chan, the impression was also the same as when i first saw him in Waku Waku Charity event, last time i used think that his face looks a bit “big?” in tv, but he looks so small in real :p And much slimmer than in tv!

Hoursss before concert starts, you can see lots of fans, those without tickets, standing all around the stadium, along the roadside, holding paperboard saying “1枚譲ってください” (Please spare me one ticket). Of course chances are very slim… but i saw one girl shouting and screaming to her friends, saying that someone let out her extra ticket to her, and she dashed into the stadium right away.. Well, this is what we call “luck” ?

Concert began at 17:30, i was outside at this time, heard the intro music of Believe and “Kya~~~~” from all the audience.. think the whole Kokuritsu Stadium is “roaring” ! And at the same time, 17:30 SHARP, it rained…. Sasuga Arashi… Just like their name “Arashi” which means “Storm”, rain & typhoon loves to follow them… 😉 Lucikily rain stopped 10mins later.
A lot of fans without ticket “camped” outside at an empty space (park i suppose?) and trying hard to listen to the sound leak from Kokuritsu. Most of them are actually waiting for the “hanabi” (fireworks).

Fans without ticket "camped" outside Kokuritsu Stadium

It starts to rain at 17:30 SHARP once concert starts..

50,000 eco baloons up to the sky

I was a bit sad when i heard the sound of “Niji no Kakera” (虹のカケラ), my No1 favourite song in this BW album… I want to hear this live.. 😥 and halfway through the song, suddenly the stadium roared with audience scream again, and this time, we saw AMNOS color balloons flying to the sky!!
The gray sky suddenly turned so colorful!! They’ve let out 50,000 eco baloons! Even those salary man passing by were so excited to see this grand scene and everyone near the stadium and station were taking out their handphone or smartphone or watever to take picture of it. Two salarymen were talking to each other “sugoi-ne”..

OK, back to the story when i got inside, it was “Kitto Daijyobu” , followed by “Happiness”.

走り出せ 走り出せ 明日を迎えにゆこう (with running gesture :D)
Hashiri dase, Hashiri dase, Asu wo mukae ni yukou
君だけの音を聞かせてよ 全部感じてるよ
Kimi dake no oto wo kikaseteyo, zenbu kanjiteruyo
止めないで 止めないで 今を動かす気持ち
Tomenaide, Tomenaide, Ima wo ugokasu kimochi
どんなに小さな蕾でも 1つだけのHappiness
Donnani chiisana tsubomi demo , hitotsu dake no Happiness

Happiness was the last song for the first section of concert.
And MC follows after that.

MC, which means they’ll be talking at the center stage.. They’re so near to me… sorry for emphasizing again and again, can you feel the “happiness” in me? 😀
I always love their concert MC, they use to talk very funny, talking about those episodes during their rehearsal, those backstage stories etc. Sho mentioned about Aiba making “Teru Teru Bouzu” (paper doll to pray for good weather) before concert starts, Aiba said, after making and hanging it, he found rain stopped! but just when he thought everything would go fine, it rains at the time concert began.. *LOL* And Sho asked Leader to show “Believe” dance for normal version and rain version. They didnt talk much today, Jun suggested that they play “hide and seek”. They played “hide and seek” very long time ago in their concert last time, those days when they were still not that popular and the concert hall was small. They hid in between audience. Jun said he wants to know what’s the feeling of “hide and seek” in such a big stadium, they ”jyanken”, and leader lost, so leader became the “Oni”, the one who’s going to search for the other four. He needs to count for one minute.. 1..2..3…4… until 60, leader was so funny, he got tired half way, and he skipped.. 30 35..!! The other four went down the stage and went near audience!!! Of course leader couldn’t find them at all, in such a big stadium :p

The first song after MC is “Rock this”, yeah! new song from album!
Songs for Kokuritsu is different from concert which was held in Osaka and Sapporo last July.
You can feel their effort to make each concert different.

Although i missed Sho-chan’s solo, but besides Sho-chan, Nino’s solo is the one which i’m anticipating!!
Maybe you have read my story in My passion for Nino’s solo, i really love Nino’s voice!!!
Unfortunately…….. there’s something “not perfect” happened in the beginning of the song..
Nino sang out of pitch… orz… 😕
Seems like he’s trying to clear his throat.. I was shocked and trying to see what happened, but Nino sang this in the main front stage which was very far from me.. couldn’t see at all, I can only feel that his throat is not ready to sing yet.. 😕
But still Nino is Nino, very soon, he got back to his condition, everything goes well at the next phrase.
Wow…. his voice melted my heart…
And the last part… climax.. Nino’s high pitch voice is indeed very powerful!! I can feel the whole stadium is overwhelmed by his voice.. 8)

Daijyobu. Bokura wa zutto koko ni iru yo
Dakara subete sarake dashite mite
Saa mune wo hatte ieba iinda
Sore ga bokura da

A few songs follows after Nino’s solo and soon after that it’s almost the end of concert..
Eh… i just joined…. 😥
As usual, they gave a short greeting. Sho’s greeting was TOOOO short.. hmm.. Sho-chan, talk more~~~ 😛

There are two encores for this concert. It’s so lovely to hear “Love So Sweet” and “One Love” during the first encore.
They came out for the 2nd encore, Jun was asking “Are you all still OK?” , audience shouting “YEAH” and right after this, HEAVY DOWNPOUR !!! It’s a sudden one!
Jun was laughing.. as if asking “eh,, rain at this time??”
It’s not a small rain like the beginning, this is really heavy…
but the atmosphere and tension is getting higher and higher, they sang “Gori Muchu” (五里霧中) and “5×10”.
I feel happy that concert ends with “5×10”, i love this song very much.. it writes on their friendship for 10 years, very meaningful lyrics and warm melody.

They were singing in the center stage under this heavy rain, i had my raincoat with me, but my heart told me “who cares about the rain?” hahhaha it’s the end of the concert anyway!
Everybody was waving and swaying their penlights without having time to bother about the heavy rain!

My biggest concern was the wet Sho-chan in front of me!
He looks soooo “sexy” ? and yet so “cute” all wet over…
I was waving hardly and shouting “Sho-chan” …
I assumed he saw me 😳
Ok, Ok, i know every fans make that assumption hehehehe
BUT, he really saw me ok? *LOL* 😆

Oh yeah, the climax of the concert, the part which i’ve been waiting for, is the last part before they went in.
It’s a tradition for Jun to ask, “俺らの名前は?せーのー” (Our name is… one…two..) and fans will shout ARASHI !!! Five of them will hold their hands up!!!
I’ve been longing to shout their name!!!

This one was from Osaka, sorry, I cant find Kokuritsu version

OK, concert has ends.
There are too much happening this year.
First, concert at Tokyo Dome are all cancelled due to 311. So only two Kokuritsu concert for Tokyo, which makes the competition to get ticket higher.
Secondly, typhoon. They had to postpone from 2-3 Sept to 3-4 Sept. Some more it’s not even fixed on the concert day, it might be cancelled if weather is too bad.
They had to give up “flying opening”, which they always did during Kokuritsu, and just came out from bottom stage.
And due to rains and typhoons for the past few days, they did not have time to rehearsal, and programs were changed at last minute.. Of course they had been rehearsal for song and dance since June, but they only had 3 hours for their rehearsal at Kokuritsu this year.

I like this outfit !

It’s great to watch concert in Kokuritsu.
It’s an open stadium, so you get to see very beautiful night screen, and a lot of special effect which you cant see them in indoor Dome. Hanabi (Fireworks) is one of them.
I hope they still have the chance to hold it in Kokuritsu again next year (although chances might be slim…).
And i hope i don’t have to spend WEEKSSS begging for ticket next year!!
Kamisama, please~~~~~~ 😥
Thank you Arashi for the great time!!

Hanabi at Kokuritsu

Besides those photos taken outside Kokuritsu, those Arashi photos and Kokuritsu night scene photos does not belong to me, as well as the GIFs. I grabbed them from the net.
I dunno how these fellas got these photos.. they’re out just right after concert ends!!! Too unbelievable and “scary”….
I have uploaded them in Facebook, you can check it out if you’re interested.

Song List for Kokuritsu

Ooh…. No “Monster”, “To be free”, “Still”, “Season” etc… Too many good songs that need to be sacrificed as time passed by….
But glad that they sing “Hadashi no Mirai” (ハダシの未来) in Kokuritsu !! I missed that though.. I want to dance along too!!! 😥

Arashi BW Kokuritsu Song List (grabbed from

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    congratulation !! ( quite late ) , that you had a great chance to see them at front of them ^_^, I can guess how excited you were. ^^ I really want to see their concert , but think it is difficult to get the ticket for concert in Japan. Actually once they came to Thailand to promote that they would have concert , but finally the concert was canceled , so pity me ne— Anyway, I wonder how difficult you got this ticket and also wonder why you missed the first1.5 hrs, were you in the long queue ?…^^ next time I hope you will have chance to see them again , maybe myself too..

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you thank you!!
    i dun have the ticket, it’s so hard to get it here in japan although i’m member of their Fan Club
    i was just wandering outside the stadium when i was offered the ticket !
    super lucky!!
    it’s so hard to get a ticket here, as difficult as to strike lottery :p
    hope you have a chance to see them one day too~


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