Kokuritsu Concert in another 2 days! No typhoon please!

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OK, do i sound very excited? *LOL*
The answer is NOPE !!! I still couldn’t get my ticket.. *SOB* 🙁
I know it’s almost a mission impossible, I couldn’t think of any reason for anyone to spare me a ticket when they can just simply sell it at auction or other ticket shops, and earn at least 100,000yen easily, if you have Arena seats, you can get at least 300,000yen, that’s a pretty easy way to earn some living! The ticket shop at Harajuku is selling at 500,000! This is ridiculous… 👿

Although I cant join this concert, I’m pretty concern about the weather.. It is reported that typhoon is scheduled to strike Kanto (Tokyo) on 2Sept.. the first day of their concert.. It seems that it is going to rain on that day too… Please typhoon, could you please wait for another two or three days..?

Kokuritsu is an outdoor stadium, even if it rains, concert will still continue as scheduled, maybe unless it is a very big one, and cause big damage? (well, we don’t want this to happen either). If you’re not aware of how “serious” the situation will be, let me show you the concert on 2009.08.30… It was raining heavily (typhoon too?) on that day from the beginning of the concert till the end of it!!

Heavy rainpour during 5×10 concert on 2009.08.30

Can you imagine how heavy the rain was?? Jun said he cant see anything in front, he needs a wiper! *LOL* Nino said normally event will be cancelled in such a situation and he wonder why they’re still there… *LOL* Although it was raining very heavily, they really tried their best to entertain the audience with their very “genki” attitude, running here and there, and the slippery floor doesnt stop them dancing.

Aiba and Jun during MC talk

Sho, Nino & leader during MC talk, look at leader's face… taihen dane..

raincoats were distributed to the fans

Despite the bad weather, fans were real high!

Mics were all spoilt when water gets inside, so they have to try to cover the mic with towel..
It happened so many times that the mics get spoilt half way when they’re singing and their voice vanished into the air.. the most interesting part is when Nino was singing the last part of “Beautiful Days”, his mic spoilt and he keeps hitting it to get back but still no sound coming out from it, Jun rushed to him and lent him his, they share the mic together then, Nino’s reaction was real funny 😀

Jun rushed to Nino, and they share the mic

Imagine, they’re dancing “Believe” under this heavy rain!

It has indeed become the most unforgetable concert to them, and also to the fans i guess.. but still.. nothing is better than a sunny day! In such a bad weather, you cant even see them carefully, and it’s so tough for them to perform on the stage.. so.. i really pray that the weather is not going to be too bad this week…

Oh yeah, it’s also Jun’s birthday (30 Aug), and they celebrated for him, the other four gave him one “blink blink” jacket, they said only Jun can wear it *LOL* Jun brought the jacket to their “gasshuku” (camping) too this year 😀

Celebrating Jun's birthday

Blink blink jacket from the other four. Nino said, no one knows the right way to wash it *LOL*

It’s 30 August today, and it’s Jun’s 28th birthday.


I shall keep praying for good weather and also hoping for miracle, hoping that tickets will fall from the sky!! *LOL*

Seriously, if you have any extra tickets, if you cannot join in last minute, please contact me, I will appreciate your help very very much..
Thank you.

Oh yeah, this is a special digest included in ARASHI ANNIVERSARY TOUR 5×10.
4 hours plus with only 5800 yen!!
I personally think that their DVDs are always worth buying, even a 2hr movie DVD might cost more than 3000yen, but their DVD are always lengthy, 4 or 5 hours and the price is around 5000+ !


Available at Amazon

It’s less than 5000yen now!

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