Aiba & Sho’s “Dating” at Chiba!

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Himitsu no Arashi chan has not been very interesting after 311, program changed etc, UNTIL LAST THURSDAY 2011.08.25 where it features “Aiba & Sho’s Dating at Chiba” !!
This is a MUST-WATCH episode for Sakuraiba’s fans!!
It is a special program where Aiba shows Sho around, bringing him to all those interesting places in Chiba and prepared a lot of Sho’s favourite food. Sho was kept in dark on that day’s schedule/program, so he just followed Aiba around, but deep in his heart, he has been thinking that Aiba’s going to play a prank on him 😀

They started the journey to Chiba in a bus? Aiba has been taking shots of Sho with his videocam, Sho looks so cute 😀 They talked about their previous experiences, the most scary outings they’ve had before etc etc.

Sho from Aiba's videocam

Sho recalling one of his toughest job

The first spot was a fishing harbour. Aiba ordered a sumptuous BBQ lunch specially for Sho, Sho was surprised because he loves clams, scallops, all those seafood, and he seldom mentioned this in public. Aiba said “Hey, pal, I’ve known you for 14,15 years!” 😀

Sho's "Umeeee" expression *LOL*

He loves eating, and I love to see him eating!

After lunch, Aiba brought him to beach, Aiba rented the whole beach!! *LOL* Sho was very in a very high mood, and after changing into swimming suit, he keeps on singing happily! From what i know, Aiba, Sho and Ohno (& Jun?) loves beach. Nino hates it .. 😆

Sho tried surfing.....

They got on a raft.. it "turned over" halfway..

Aiba : "SAIKOU!"

Oh.. i just love to see his smile~

First experience on "Sumo Tube", I nvr know about this game..

He is definitely enjoying himself very much!!

After lots of marine games, it’s meal time again, this time Aiba tried to cook for Sho!

Sho is so excited that Aiba's going to make him "sardin peperoncino". He has heard from Aiba that he has been cooking that recently

Aiba talking about his little brother who is a cook, his brother always visit him and cook for him, and left him the recipe

Sho is tired after a series of marine game, he said he wants to rest outside.. and he fell asleep..

Aiba busy with his peperoncino, asking the little girl to taste it.. but seems that it's a bit "tasteless" no matter how much salt he tried to add.. *LOL*

Here's the peperoncino prepared by Aiba!! with Beer!! Sho keeps shouting "Biru Biru" (meaning Beer.. Beer) and it reminds me of Kisarazu Cat's Eyes *LOL*

Mens talk, they talk a lot, about their dream, about who's going to get married first etc etc

Aiba asked Sho, “Do you think that this peperoncino is a bit tasteless?” Sho anwered honestly, “Hmm.. yeah, it’s a bit plain”, and he continued then, “but it’s delicious, it’s not the taste that counts”
After the meal and a “heart-to-heart talk?”, both men went for a bath. KYA~~~ 😳

Open bath tub, ooh that's the back of a man whom you can rely on! *LOL*

Sho, taken from Aiba's video cam

They headed to another place after bath. It’s very funny when they were about to leave the bath tub, Aiba got up without covering himself and Sho is shouting “cover your front part!” 😳

Aiba blindfolded Sho before they reach the next destination, Sho felt so uneasy, according to Aiba he has been holding his hands very tightly 😀 When he opened his eyes, he was so surprised by the scenery in front of him! A place where you can see the sea surrounding you 180degree, with sunset in front of you.

Sho surprised by the scenery in front of him

What a beautiful scene..

Aiba suggesting them to listen to one song while enjoying this scenery, although it seems awkward :p

Yes, Aiba picked the right song!! "5x10", their 10th anniversary song, lyrics written by five of them, stories of their past 10yrs..

Flashback when 5x10 is being played

Five of us together always (lyrics of 5x10)

You can see from Aiba’s eyes that he’s trying hard not to shed tears.. :p We know Aiba’s very emotional, if it’s not Sho but Leader today, bet they will hug each other and cry together 😀

Another surprise from Aiba is HANABI (fireworks) !

Such a beautiful scenery…… BUT……… Sho is admiring it from a “hole”…..

WHY??? Urm.. maybe you should have guess that!
Yeah, it’s prank by Aiba!
Sho said, from early in the morning, 7am, he has been thinking and thinking, and waiting and waiting, assuming there must be something “inauspicious” going to happen to him, yeah, he’s correct! Aiba’s is not going to let him off with only those beautiful memories 😀

Sho watching the fireworks from a hole.. *LOL*

Two cute fellas!!!!

He's sooooooooo cute......!!

Sho: I know there must be something going to happen!

Fireworks ends, and that’s the end of the shooting.
Aiba tried to get out of the hole, but as usual, he’s clumsy and he fell down into the hole again.
Sho laughed out so loudly and so funny!!! I love this part!! All the staffs also roared with laughter!!

Sho cant stop laughing at the clumsy Aiba

His laughter brightens up my day~~~

Although it’s a work, you can tell that they really enjoyed it very much, it seems more like a “small travel” to them. Sho’s eyes are a bit “watery” at the end (inside the hole), maybe because he laughed too much? or he feel gratitude to Aiba and staffs for such a great program? He mentioned in Otonoha, he really enjoyed this episode very very much, too much until he was not sure whether it’s alright for him to enjoy his work so much, he feel so happy and so thankful to Aiba-chan and all the staffs.

Oh yeah, i heard a “rumour” that the next special will be Leader bringing Nino to Akihabara!!
Urm… i thought it’s Nino who’s more familiar with Akihabara? 😀
Anyway, let’s look forward to it!!
Please TBS, we dont want anymore “geinin” in Himitsu no Arashi chan, we want only Arashi, just like previous years!

p/s: you can watch this episode at here (tudou)

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