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Ohno’s first drama as first lead role, Maou!
This drama is a remake of a Korean drama “The Devil”.

Ohno as Naruse Ryo in Maou

Ohno played a two faced lawyer, Naruse Ryo. He appears to be a kind hearted lawyer and was called “The Angel Lawyer” by others, but on the other hand, he is a “devil” who is plotting revenge on the person who killed his brother. Ikuta Toma plays a detective Serizawa Naoto, and he’s the one who accidentally killed Ohno’s brother 11 years ago.

Ikuta Toma as Serizawa Naoto in Maou

The drama is not a suspense. From the beginning of the story, we know that Naruse is the “devil”, he is using his brilliant mind to set up on other people, using their hands to take revenge for his brother. Serizawa is in charge of these series of mysterious murders, victims are all his friends or relatives, and as time passed by he realized that the real target for these murders are actually him. The drama shows the hide-and-seek play between Naruse and Serizawa.

It is a very dark and very sad drama. I’ve never seen any characters in the drama smiled.. except the female lead character Shiori, her smile is sooooo sweet 🙂 Oops, i’m wrong, with Shiori around, you can sometimes see Naruse’s smile, a very faint one though..*LOL*

The kind-hearted Naruse when he's with Shiori

Shiori, played by Kobayashi Ryoko, her smile is sooo sweet!

Most touching scenes pickup:
(1) Episode 7 : scene at hospital, Naruse & his sister
The episode when Naruse’s real identity was just about to be exposed.. The scene at hospital between Naruse and his sister (played by Yuuka) is so heart-breaking.. Naruse’s real identity is Manaka Tomoo. Naruse is his best friend who passed away in an accident in a factory. Since then he used this identity and has been taking care of Naruse’s sister, who is blind. It’s so touching when Naruse’s sister told him that she doesn’t know what Naruse is doing, but she believes he’s a kind person. For so many years, he has been visiting her without fail.

Naruse said sorry to his sister…

"I believe you're as kind as Ryo.."

Naruse bid farewell to his sister..

(2) Episode 7 : I’m your angel..
This is the scene after the hospital scene. It was Naruse’s birthday and his colleagues, together with Shiori gave him a surprise party. He also received a birthday card from a small gal, who said thank you to him for saving his mother.. But.. this is the sad part of it,, the little gal’s mum was accused for killing someone, and it’s all plotted by Naruse himself. Naruse felt guilty and he doesn’t know whether he should continue with his plan or not.. After the birthday party, he went for a stroll with Shiori.. Shori said, she doesn’t know what is troubling Naruse, but she hopes she can be Naruse’s angel, helping him to share his burden.. Naruse hugged Shiori, cried out to let off all his stresses.. He has never been so weak in front of others.. This should be the “real” Naruse, a kind-hearted guy by nature.

Naruse looking at birthday card to him

"I'm not angel.."

Naruse hugging Shiori

(3) Episode 9,10: Shiori trying to help Naruse
Shiori realized Manaka Tomoo = Naruse Ryo, she tried to stop Naruse from continuing all his revenge, but Naruse said, there’s no turnpoint for the tragedy. He has throw away his name, his past, and now he only want the person who killed his brother to pay for what he did. Shiori said he needs to be loved, and Naruse said he doesnt need any love… Naruse is tooo lonely…. 🙁

Episode 9 : Shiori trying to persuade Naruse to give up

Episode 9: Naruse knows there's no way to turn the clock back

Episode 10: I don't need any love..

Episode 10: I'm not Manaka Tomoo anymore, I've throw away all my name and my past

(4) Episode 11: The last battle between Naruse and Serizawa
I keep on thinking what’s the best solution to solve the conflict between Naruse and Serizawa while watching.. I dunno how the story is going to end, and after watching, i guess that’s the only way to end the story.. or maybe another way is to let both of them being prisoned? hmm…
It’s a bit shocking when the story tells that Naruse in not planning to kill Serizawa after all, in fact he is hoping for Serizawa to kill him, so that Serizawa could be brought to justice for what he had done 11 years ago. He wants Serizawa to be punised by law.

Serizawa pointing gun at Naruse

"Kill me.. that's your responsibility"

Serizawa……. dead ??

"Open your eyes…!"

"Forgive me.. and forgive yourself.."

So,, the ending is…? you gotta watch yourself

Hmm….. Naruse didnt actually kill any one of the victims, he uses other people to kill them.
He won’t be successful if those people used by him are righteous, they are normally those people who had done something bad and in order to hide the truth, they’re being used by Naruse, so who’s actually the bad guy.. ? Hmm…. i personally think Naruse is not a cold-blooded “devil”.. oops…. Am i going to hear people scolding me soon? :p

OK, let’s talk about other stories related to this drama.
Maou was aired during Arashi’s Kokuritsu concert in 2008. Arashi members mentioned about their family watching Maou at home. If i’m not wrong, Sho mentioned that when he went back after their concert and he was very tired and hungry, he asked his mum to prepare some food for him, and his mum answered.. “Sorry, it’s Maou’s day tonight.. busy…” *LOL* 😀
I’m really curious on how Sho’s mum look like, from Sho’s story, she seldom cook, she prepared “bento” for him when he was small that time, but it’s either “Natto bento” (fermented soybeans bento) or instant curry :p
Ohno also mentioned his dad watching Maou at home. He reached home after Kokuritsu concert, and it was over 10pm, and Maou was on air. He saw his dad crying there and he was shocked, thinking something bad had happened.. he asked his dad what has happened and his dad said.. “It’s Maou..” *LOL* 😀 And Ohno later watched together with his dad and both cried together! What a cute father-and-son!
You can hear this story in the concert CM talk, and also Ohno’s interview in Maou’s making in DVD.

Oh yeah!!! I forgot to mention, Nino appeared as a special guest in this drama !!!

In episode 1, Nino acted as the son of the criminal. As usual, they were both fooling around before the take, and once the camera starts rolling, both expression changed. PRO-ne!

Serious Nino in Maou

Oops, I just cant help but to notice the pimples on Nino's face.. gomen, Nino.. :p

It is a very interesting drama, catch it if you have the chance!

Available at Amazon

Also available at, but i’m not sure whether this version includes those special interviews and makings

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