You gotta mail from Sakurai Sho!

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Saw an incoming mail from Sho the moment i opened my eyes this morning!!!! 😀
Yeah, yeah… of course, it’s not mail addressed to “ME” but to “US” *LOL*
Anyway, arigato, Sho-chan!

It’s me, Sakurai.

One year after filming.

The movie is finally on roadshow today.

I feel happy that this movie can finally be watched by everyone of you, but at the same time, feel kinda “sad” that we have to finally “let it go”

“kuu….” oops… i thought this’s Nino’s favourite phrase? 😆

As if letting children off from ur protection when they’ve grown up..
(not my child anyway..)


I received a lot of questions from you all, so I’m going to take this chance to reply.

To me, this is a character which I’ve never met before in my real life, and I’ve been worrying and thinking a lot during the whole filming process.

Kurihara Ichito.

Director and staffs (and me) has been putting a lot of effort and feeling in this character.

Not including the hair style..

I hope you can feel our sincerity while watching this movie.

It is not a very “eye-catching” or grand movie.

It is a very warm movie, I’ll be happy if it can catch your heart.


Kamisama no Karute kun, It’s starting!!

Sakurai Sho (Kurihara Ichito)

Congratulations on Kamisama no Karute Roadshow! Cheers~
He has been working hard for this movie and promotion, he attended 4 live shows yesterday!
Count all the magazines featuring him, and you’ll know how hard he had been working these two months.
Sho will be making appearance on two roadshow sessions today, his last event for this movie perhaps, luck hasn’t been with me.. anyway, i’m going to catch this soon !!

Below is a capture of Sho’s original message.

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