My passion for Nino’s Solo

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I love Nino’s voice most among five of them.
The next is Leader and Sho’s.
Leader’s voice is very sexy, i fall in love with his voice when i first listened to Arashi’s song.
As for Sho, his rap is “invicible” ! Sometimes i even wonder how’s the structure of his tongue.. *LOL* He can rap so fast and yet without stumbling any of the words!

Nino is very talented, both in acting and composing & writing songs. He plays guitar and piano (a little bit?) all self learning, he has drums, keyboard at home and he has composed more than hundreds of songs. He does this as hobby, so we seldom hear his songs on any media, only when he picked up one among those hundreds and perform it during Arashi concert. Glad that his solo in BW album is one of his own masterpiece!

I’m going to write about Nino’s solo tonight. I listen to these solo everyday, yeah, everyday.
What I like about Nino’s voice is, his voice sounds sooo sad and emotional. I personally am a sucker for those passionate songs.. and Nino writes those songs very well, either lyrics or music.

Also I’m translating a few parts of the lyrics….. read at your own risk… 🙄

夢 (Yume)
Source: Youtube | Romaji Wordings

OK,, don’t be too impatient to make your complaints to me :p
yeah, this song is not written by Nino, but it’s one of Nino’s solo in Yr 2003 “How’s it going” Concert.
The original song is sang by a female singer, Shibata Jun.
I heard the one sang by Shibata Jun and i personally prefer Nino’s version 😳 I admit maybe it’s because i l like Nino… 😳 but Nino’s version is a bit “slower in tempo” which makes the whole song sounds even more pathetic.. 🙁
Nino made some changes to the lyrics although basically it’s almost the same as the original one.
This clip was the one from DVD, the 2nd day of the concert. Most of you may have know, Nino cried on the first day while singing this song, he just sang a paragraph and he couldn’t continue any more.. when he tried to sing the 2nd part, he stopped again at the lyrics “切なくなるのは・・・” (meaning “I’m sad….”) In the end, he said “Gomen-ne” after the whole song finished, instead of “Arigato”….. Nino~~~ 🙁
Too many stories are being speculated behind this episode, maybe you can check on the net if you want, but who cares? it’s a story 8 years ago, and no one knows the real truth behind the story! ^^

Highlighted parts are the phrase i like most 😉

今はまだ想い出にはできない したくないの
あなたと二人で見てるこの夢が 終わるまで

あなたとの恋 終わりから始めた恋
今は噛み締めさせて 夢でもいいから

届かなくていい 辿り着けない二人でいい
今はただ 求め合うこの想いを 愛したい

あなたの未来 私の未来はきっと
二度と交わることを知らず 離れてく

後悔してる そんな目を見てしまうと
現実に戻ってく 夢よ醒めないで

切なくなるのは 正直すぎるあなただから
哀しくなるのは 本当に私を好きだから

今はまだ傷つくことできない 私がいる
心の赴くままに生きられない あなたと

気まぐれでもいい 愛してると 嘘をついて
今はただ 叶えられない夢を見て 眠るから

Like to hear Nino sing “届かなくていい Todokanakute ii” , especially the “ii” part… hmm.. how to describe? ^^;

痕跡 (Konseki)  
Source:Youtube | Romaji Wordings

OK, here comes the song both lyrics and music by Nino. Very very sad song after Yume.
He sang this in Yr 2004 “Iza, Now” concert.
It is a story of a man who lost his beloved (she passed away).
Nino’s lyrics uses all those easy to understand words, and yet all are so beautifully arranged

消えぬ 消えぬ
五月雨の後 渇かぬ涙の痕
消せぬ 消せぬ
…闇夜に浮かぶ 愛しき人の影

夕焼け河原を歩いてる 君と一緒に笑顔連れて
死んでいったあなたは 僕の心に滲みて生きた

他の人を愛しても Even though i try to love other people
Even though I can only love other people
No matter how many seasons has passed
本当は 離れては消えるのが恐くて
Actually I’m scared, scared that you’ll dissappeared from my mind

すみれを見つめ この花綺麗
時は夕暮れ 朱に交わると

影は影を重ねて 一つになるのを恐れて
気付くのが遅しと 水面に一人
あの日埋めた心の種は 二十日過ぎ芽吹きました
姿形違えど変わらぬ愛 優しい光

Nino’s talking about a guy who cant get over his lover who has passed away..
They used to walk along the riverside and enjoy the scenery there, with beautiful violets.
They will sit down by the riverside at night, with the moonlight their reflection could be seen on the river’s surface..
They will talk about what to have for dinner..
And now, the guy’s left alone after she left him..
The riverside is lonely without her, and the reflection shows only one person instead of two..

生涯なにがあっても愛する人へ (shougai naniga attemo aisuru hito he)
Source:Youtube | Romaji wordings

Long title , Nino said he likes long titles but always being criticized 8)
Nino presented this in their Yr 2001 Concert which means he was only 18 that year!! How can a 18 yr old boy write such a sad song..?


笑顔さえ守れない 僕はどうすればいいのだろう
恋という悲しい嘘で 君を抱きしめていたのかな
そう思うと涙があふれて 君が見えないよ

やりたいことがうまくいかず どうしようもなく落ち込んで
困って 迷って 泣いていいよ そのときは包んであげるから
それでも君がふわふわ飛んで行きそうだったら 僕に言って


恋という悲しい嘘で 君を抱きしめていたのかな
そう思うと涙があふれて 君が見えないよ

一人でいる時よく考えるんだ もし不意に僕の前から消えたら
君を忘れてしまいそうで 怖いからずっとそばにいてよ

それでも君の心がバラバラになりそうだったら 僕に言って


二人が一緒にいれるなら いらないよほかのものは

Urm.. actually i dun find this song nice… until i listened to it a few times… 😀

どこにでもある唄 (Doko ni demo aru uta)
Source: Youtube
The latest one, included in BW album.
VERY BEAUTIFUL SONG !! Nino’s a genius!



僕らはそんな弱くは無い でも強くもないから
だから泣いていいんだ 恥ずかしい事じゃない

泣いて 求めて 転んで また泣いて。
君は そうして 大人になって…。

I’m scared to be hurt
I tried not to cry, and as time passed by i forgot how to smile
気付いたら独りになって 怖かった。
When i realized, I’m alone. I’m scared
At that time
I heard your voice which is so gentle
I cried
そうしたら 貴方が「ナキムシ」だって言うから
And you said I’m crybaby
”You too” , I said
And I am better now. I finally smiled


一歩一歩 歩いている。ただそれだけでいい…

ずっと ずっと ずっと…

I love the last paragraph, the climax

Nino’s high pitch “Sorega boku ra da…..” is my most favourite part in this song.
And also the last part of “Zutto Zutto….”

虹 (Niji)
Source: Youtube | Romaji Wordings

Lyrics written by Nino, the music by other composer.
Nino sang this in Yr 2007 Time Concert, with him playing piano.
He doesn’t really know how to play very well, but just learn for this song.





面倒くさいからって、素直じゃないんだから You said it’s troublesome, you’re not being honest
why cant you just say you like me, just a word
I really feel like hearing it sometimes
Today is the day where we share the same surname (meaning they got married), a day where love is there


Rainbow is beautiful. No, you’re even more beautiful, i said. And you look embarassed..

Among five of them, Nino & Sho likes to write and compose their own songs.
Sho also has a group of friends who shared the same interest as him, he mentioned in Sho Beat last time that he and his friend locked themselves in the room and enjoyed creating songs the whole night.
Sho created an album, a graduation album with the song he wrote himself and presented it to all his buddies during their graduation. And he also wrote a song specially for his friend on his wedding.
Sho’s song is more “peaceful” and “happier” than Nino, and he likes rap more.
Oh yeah, if i’m not mistaken the song 5×10 is also a cooperation between Sho & Nino.

Anyway, i really think Nino is genius~~~~!
I love to listen to him !!!

Links: Arashi’s song romaji lyrics

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