The Quiz Show II

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The Quiz Show II by Sakurai Sho

I never expect this series to be soooooooo interesting !!

Sho plays the role of a live TV quiz program (Quiz Show) host, MC Kamiyama. Kamiyama actually involved in an accident which caused him to lose most of his memories, and he had been in comma for 6 years. It is his “best” friend, Honma, played by Kanjyani8’s Yokoyama who has been visiting him and tending him for 6 years, and it’s Honma who brought him to TV station. Honma seems to be helping Kamiyama to regain his memory but in fact, he’s planning a plot on revenge.

Kamiyama’s character is quite mysterious. He is mentally unstable and he is staying in a mental hospital. He always looks so distracted, and is a patient of nervous imbalance but when he stand on the stage in front of tv cameras, he is a totally changed person. He is very humourous and yet so sarcastic. I like to see the scene where Kamiyama always giving sarcastic remarks and acting innocent in front of the contestants. He’s crafty! and Sho expressed it well!

Kamiyama is mentally unstable

Very confident Kamiyama in front of camera

The Quiz Show is a live quiz program. A contestant will take on the challenge every week. They need to answer 7 questions correctly and if they got all of them correct, they win 10 million yen, and will have a chance to take on the Dream Challenge, the last stage. If they manage to clear Dream Chance, they can have one of their dream fulfilled, whatever it is.

Contestants are chosen by Honma himself, all of them are actually connected to Kamiyama and Honma. Kamiyama and Honma are originally childhood friends, together with another gal, Misaki. Three of them were very good friends and both Kamiyama and Honma likes Misaki. Misaki passed away in an plane crash and this is the beginning of Honma’s revenge. All the contestants were the same passenger who boarded the same plane as Misaki, they all survived except Misaki.

Kamiyama & Honma during highschool

plane crash accident..

The quiz show always started with very easy questions and gradually delve into contestants’ past crimes or dark side of them, it’s up to the contestants whether they want to confess their guilt in order to realize their dream. Through this game, Kamiyama is regaining his memory little by little…. and he recalled that Misaki was not dead yet when rescued. Misaki turned to be a vegetarian but she is alive. Kamiyama wanted to find out who actually killed Misaki, what caused her death… and he hears a shocking fact from Honma later that.. it is he.. who killed Misaki…

Kamiyama was told it's him who killed Misaki

Kamiyama could not accept the fact

OK, I’m going to write further on, and if you hate spoilers, you can stop reading now 😳

Honma told Kamiyama that he is the one who killed Misaki. He wants Kamiyama to appologize in front of tv for his sinful act. Kamiyama actually believed but Honma’s secretary gave him a hint on what happened 6 years ago…
It is a great battle between Kamiyama & Honma in the last episode, with Honma as the Quiz Show’s contestant answering Kamiyama’s questions.
Throughout the process, the truth is out, it is not Kamiyama but Honma who actually killed Misaki.
And another shocking fact is….. Honma himself is unaware of it… he is also mentally unstable after that incident……

Battle between Kamiyama and Honma starts

Kamiyama said he will never run away and answer every of Honma's questions

Honma pushing all the blames to Kamiyama

The climax of the show

The last episode is very sad, especially when Kamiyama revealed story between him, Honma and Misaki. He confessed his love to Misaki but he was rejected because Misaki loves Honma. Kamiyama, although dissapointed, accepted the truth and decided to play a prank on Honma, telling Honma that Misaki already has someone in mind.. Before Misaki could confess her feeling towards Honma, the accident happened and she became a vegetarian.. Honma who was too over-shocked, decided to kill Misaki and commit suicide.. but he accidentally pushed Kamiyama down the building..

Maybe Sho & Yokoyama is fighting to see who can cry more in the last episode? *LOL* They have been putting so much feeling in this episode. If you buy the DVD, you can see the making of this drama which features this last episode too. They look so tired and absent minded after taking this last episode. Sho said in another interview that he is very very very tired after crying for almost one whole day… poor Sho..

The story sounds sad, but actually there are quite a lot of interesting part.
For example the part where MC Kamiyama will put on a “dance” everytime the contestant successfully marched into Dream Chance. I just cant help laughing hysterically when i saw Sho dancing,, yeah,, i meant it 😀 It’s so funny!!
And also the talk between Kamiyama and the contestants are so fascinating especially the way Kamiyama trying to dig out the those hidden secrets.
Believe me, it’s hard for you to stop once you start watching~

I watched this series on PPS, and I’m still trying to get the DVD for it!
The DVD-BOX is still much more expensive for a pauper like me… 🙁
I’m going to wait for price down, at least less than 10,000yen… or if anyone owns the US version, can you tell me whether you can turn off the subtitles? (it’s now out of stock in though..)
Thank you~

Forgot to mention, the themesong “明日の記憶” (Ashita no Kioku) sang by Arashi won the 61st Television Drama Academy Awards as the Best Theme song!!
I like “Ashita no Kioku” very very much!!!!!

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6 Comments on “The Quiz Show II”

  • Naja
    24 12月, 2013, 14:23

    OMG i LOOOOVED this drama!!!!!!. I almost cried myself to death on the last episode i mean…….come on!!!!! if you didnt cry on that last scene in the last episode(p.s im trying not to spoil for other people) then you really just don’t know how to cry and you need to see a doctor!!!! STAT!!!!!!

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