Unforgetable 2004 24hr TV – Aiba’s letter

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It’s 24hr tv today, with Kanjyani8 as main personality. I’m not into Kanjyani8, so I watched only Sho’s short appearance.. it’ll be leader’s turn tomorrow.
Whenever it comes to 24hr tv, it reminds me of the 2004 year one.
I bet all Arashics out there will never forget the 24Hour Television Show on 2004 where Aiba read out his letter to the other 4 members.
It shows how strong is their bond, and that’s the reason I love Arashi so much!
The words “トップになりたいって夢を絶対叶えようね” (Let’s make our dream to be the TOP become true) was so touching!
3 years after 2004, they finally managed to hold their Dome Concert, it’s the first time they are given chance to perform in Tokyo Dome! And another 4 years after that (2008), they became the 3rd group artist to hold concert in Kokuritsu after SMAP & Dreams Come True, they’re in fact the first group to hold concert in Kokuritsu for 3 days continuously.
Kokuritsu is an outdoor stadium with a capacity of 70,000 ppl, and only one group of artist can hold concert in this stadium every year.
Since 2008, Arashi has been given the priviledge for 4 years continuously (2008-2011), this reflects how much their popularity has increased since then.
Now after so many years of hard work, they’ve finally become the TOP of all idol group in Japan now! *cheers* It teaches everyone of us not to give up our dream, as long as we fight and we work hard for it, we’ll realize our dream one day!

Aiba reading out his letter to the other members. He almost couldn’t continue when it comes to the topic where he was admitted to hospital.. Yeah, we know how much his lung pneumothorax has tortured him all these while, remember he was practising saxaphone so hard for their “All or Nothing” concert when one day he felt pain in his lungs.. and doctors told him that he can NEVER blow saxaphone anymore, yeah, forever… in the end, he had to give up unwilingly.. poor Aiba

Leader cant help crying also… from the beginning when Aiba starts reading his letter.

Jun gets “agitated” once Aiba starts reading his letter.. maybe they have really gone through a hard time especially during Aiba’s break, too much uncertainty perhaps?

Nino appears to be “calm”, he just smiled and nod while listening to Aiba. His message to Aiba was so warm. When MC asked Nino how he felt after hearing Aiba reading his letter, Nino said

Our Aiba-chan ne, he gets sick easily. So he always worry that he might be giving too much trouble to us, we don’t mind, this’s Arashi

Nino & Aiba’s friendship is the longest between them, they used to take the same train going to work and going back home almost everyday since they’re still a junior.

We seldom see Sho crying on tv, other than their first debut concert. He seldom cry but you can tell that he’s very touched by Aiba’s words too.

He said he has been giving us trouble during that period, but in fact he must be the one who is the most painful during that time…..

Aiba cried even more after hearing Nino & Sho’s words….oh… Aiba’s just like a small baby….

Another part which touched me most is, Sho gave Aiba a BIG BIG hug when they are about to sing Hero when he saw Aiba couldn’t stop crying.. I really like this bunch of guys! They’re so real and so cute!!!

Aiba’s letter to Arashi Members (Translation below)








I am writing my feelings to Arashi.
It has been 5 years since we made our debut, and so much things had happened.
No matter how hard, how painful, how happy the moment is, we’re always together.

Recently, we are given the chance to work individually.
I am very happy to see everyone working hard, this gives me stimulation.

To me, Arashi is a good friend, and yet a good rival(competitor).
But whenever I look back, I realized I have been giving troubles to the other members, and I feel very sorry about it.
When I was hospitalized due to pneumothorax, I could not help but to keep thinking of them(Arashi members). They had to cover all the jobs that was supposed to be done by me.
Now, whenever I look at the scar on my left chest, it encourages me to keep working harder.
I am really grateful to them.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to tell them, those words that I normally feel awkward and shy to say it out.

Matsujun, thank you for always putting Arashi in first place, thinking of Arashi more than anyone else.

Nino, thank you for creating the atmosphere and always there to make us happy.

Sho-kun, thank you for bringing five of us together (we’re five different characters and it’s you who tried to keep us together everytime)

Leader, Ohno-kun, I’m afraid you never fulfil your responsible as a leader..but we’re always relieved by your existence and personality. Thank you, I’m still relying on you Leader.

I hope we can work together in future too, and lastly,we always swear to get to the top, may our dreams come true one day.

I am happy to be a member of Arashi.

Aiba Masaki

The song “Hero” suits this situation!! The lyrics are very encouraging!
You can find the translation here.
My best phrase of the lyrics is
もうだめだと思う瞬間はみんな同じ There are moments you want to give up, it’s the same for everyone.
あきらめずに一つずつ Up! Up! Up! Up! 高く Don’t give up, step by step let’s go, Up!Up!Up!Up! Higher!

Arashi has become 24hr tv main personality for year 2004 & 2008.
Maybe it’ll be their turn again on year 2012?? (Olympics? :p)
I’m willing to stay awake for 24 hours :p

Cheers, Arashi !!

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6 Comments on “Unforgetable 2004 24hr TV – Aiba’s letter”

  • 30 11月, 2011, 13:58

    who can forget about this letter… truly they are more than just the typical idol group… I love these guys so much for they love each other deeply… and that love is simply contagious.

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah yeah…
    esp the word they want to be the top
    they said those words among themselves during their “not-so-well season”,
    who knows they really become the top of idol in jpn now after so many years
    it’s so touching
    and also their relationship between each other
    they deserve our love!

  • PP
    5 12月, 2011, 1:14

    Althought it’s not a long time that I follow and support Arashi, First I saw this clip, I feel the strong bond of them. It’s so touching and make me cry. Five of them show us the many efforts that they didecated and nowaday they really became the TOP of japan. They are alway my inspiration!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah, sometimes when i watched this, i felt it’s just like yesterday, but when i realized, it’s already 7 years ago!! they deserved to be the top after the hardship for so many years~

  • therrygene
    12 1月, 2012, 22:27

    During the time I watched this, I was watching D no Arashi. We all know how fun that show is, and during that time, I was just starting to be more indulged in this fandom. But I really can’t help myself but to cry when I saw that episode where Aiba read his letter for the members especially I know that Aiba is the most lively among them. It’s really touching to hear him say those words to the other members. I guess that’s one of the main reason why I started to like them more and more. Not just because they’re a bunch of good looking guys, but because of their personality and how they treasure each other. 

    rei125 Reply:

    now whenever i heard the song “Hero”, the scene where Aiba read out his letter and when they sang the song on the stage keeps on flashing back to my mind, come to think of it, it’s 8years ago!! but this episode still remains so vividly in our mind. The letter is so real because it just happened not long after Aiba was discharged from hospital, and also when they’re not as popular as now, so we know all the words from Aiba are his true feelings. They really deserve our love~~

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