Otonoha Vol.147 2016.03.15

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Full of love~~~

Title = Beer


It’s me.

Weather was unpredictable recently, turning cold suddenly and hot after that.
How are you all getting on.

I’m having meeting for upcoming concert everyday.
And finally the preparation starts (starting to dance).

Have you all watched the Arashi ni Shiyagare last week?

The “Oshinobi Ryoko” with senpai, Okada-kun.
(Well, there’s no people at all, so it’s not consider “Oshinobi” though…)

It’s first time after this program starts, that i was not told anything about the guest, anything about the program.

And it’s my first time climbing snow mountain.

I was kinda worried and do not know how it will turn out to be…..

But… it was fun!!

Well, it hurts when he throw the ice at me… but it was fun!!
(Please dont follow us doing the same thing)

Well, i have been meeting Okada-kun for quite a few times, we’ve been on variety together too,, but, it’s the first time that we’re doing outdoor program “only two of us”.

I think it’s the first time since then.

Yeah, since “then”, those Kisarazu Cats Eyes days.


15 years ago??

So it means it has been 15 years ago since Okada-kun and me shooting outdoor together.

Since that days, we have been calling each other our role’sname.



But in recent years, i dunno what’s the timing, both of us began to call each other

Maybe time passed, and that’s the reason, i dunno why and i cant explain.
So i really treasure those days, when we used to lag together during shootings.
It’s also because of Kisarazu Cats Eyes that people began to recognize me, before that drama, no one knows me even though i’m walking on the street, it was because of the drama that people gets to know my name.

Many old memories flashed back while i’m climbing the snow mountain.


Ah. Ninomiya-kun won the Academy Awards ne~

Iyaaaaa…. I felt so happy.
As if i won it.

I feel happy because Nino looks so happy.

Once again, congratulations.

OK. i’m going for concert rehearsal.

Sakurai Sho

Bambi & Bussan

I dunno whether my feeling was correct or not when i watched Shiyagare, i just feel that he looks so emotional although he tried to hide it when he reached the peak. After this Otonoha then i realized i was half correct, he was really emotional. I thought he was thinking about his past times because he said “Mountain climbing is like a lifetime” (登山は人生), but now the reason is out, he feels nostalgic and outing with Okada-kun reminds him of those old Kisarazu days ne.

The happiest part in this Otonoha is….
I feel happy because Nino looks so happy.

Sho feels happy not only because of the award, not only because Nino won the award, most importantly is because he knows Nino wants the award and he can see that Nino’s so happy, he feels happy when his friend is happy.

Yeah, Nino really looks so happy!!!!
I always hope that Nino could win this award and honestly i was hoping that he could get this for his role in Platina Data.
I’m not profesional, so i have no qualification to say about anything, his acting is recognized by all all the while, Nino’s my favorite actor, but i just feel that the role in “Haha to Kuraseba” is not enough to represent him (Yeah, i know nothing about acting! :p).
For drama, i love his “Ryusei no Kizuna” most, and for movie, i love “Platina Data” most, so kinda hope he can win the award on that movie.
But anyway, i was feeling extremely happy for him when it was announced!!
And Nino couldnt stop laughing!! He is indeed very happy!! OMEDETOU!!

Oh ya, on VS Arashi Nino mentioned about members sending him mail congratulating him, but he said he only received mail from Aiba and Jun.
Then Sho was kinda shocked, and he said he mailed him!!
Then Jun explained that Sho replied to the email sent by their managers to them, didnt realized that Nino was not included in the mailing list, so his mail doesnt reach Nino…..あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Then Sho looks kinda “angry”… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
He said gomen for three times, and said he feel embarassed for making this mistake, BUT !!! BUT !!! he’s the first one to congratulate Nino (saying in very serious tone LOL), he replied to the mail (from manager) 2 minutes after he received it!! LOL

The serious look :p

By the way, Riida also made the same mistake, then he said he didnt receive any reply from Nino and he was thinking that Nino was kinda snobbish LOL

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  • Katia
    30 3月, 2016, 10:41

    Hello! After reading your marvelous translation I have a question. Where can I find pre-order for Haha to Kuraseba DVD? I saw it on Japanese Amazon (but I don’t speak the language) but not yet on Ebay nor CD Japan.I appreciate any help.

    rei125 Reply:

    Hi, i did not open pre-order for it, if you want to order through me, please let me know.
    Thank you.

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