Otonoha Vol.87 2011/08/20

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It’s Otonoha’s Day!

Long story from Sho today!
It’s always hard to translate Sho’s otonoha.. :-? 
Anyway, if you cant read japanese, you can scroll down for my translation.
Sho’s original message was captured from weibo.com

(Image from weibo.com)


Title: Nouryou (納涼) meaning cool summer (it was a very cooling summer today)


It’s me.

A new corner in Himitsu no Arashi Chan “Entertainment from member to member” will start soon.
Few days ago, outing for this new corner was done.
It was “Entertainment from Aiba to Sakurai” this time.
Aiba and I begin to talk about our past location stories on our way to the destination.
It was when both of us went to 樹海 (Jyukai) ※樹海 is a word to describe a place full of trees, as if jungle
That was a program on spirits..
When we finished shooting and heading towards our bus, Aiba said he saw a topless man (spirit).

Aiba: Urm… I can still remember how he looks even until today..

Sakurai: ah… is it…

Aiba: That man keeps looking at us.. and he wore like a taxi driver.

New information from Aiba NOW? AT THIS TIMING ?

Sakurai: What?!! How come you never mention about this?

Aiba: I was too scared… it keeps coming to my mind when i try to mention it…

I see…

Sakurai: Is it……

Hmm…. it was indeed very scary-ne.. that time…

Anyway we were enjoying the talk, and just a moment after the scary talk…
Incident happened when Aiba leaned against the wall…


Speaker next to Aiba fell down…
And it was a loud sound.
There are two speakers..
One which was not connected to power supply…
played itself !!!
IYA !!!
MAJIDE KOWAI !! (Very scary)

Although the location this time started with a scary episode, it was a very fun day today!
Sometimes i really wonder, is it alright to “enjoy” my work so much.
Thanks to Aiba and all the staffs, thank you very much!!
I dunno how much you can feel my happiness, but please look forward to this airing.

OK, next.

Kamisama no Karute.

Roadshow in another week.


I appeared in a lot of magazines,
it must be tough on you all. ←So sweet of Sho-chan to worry about us 😀
I went to bookstore the other day, and when i saw almost all the magazines are on me, i left quickly…


I felt like saying this to myself,
but, it hasn’t end yet until i saw it in the cinema.


Another announcement was made yesterday.

Nazotoki ← Sho’s new drama

Coming after Karute.

Yoroshiku Douzo.



Sakurai Sho

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