Otonoha Vol.144 2015.11.15

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Long time never updating…….あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

A worth reading Otonoha 🙂

Title = Timeslip


It’s me.

It happened on the night after attending V6’s concert.

(Once again, congratulations to V6 and V6’s fans on their 20th anniversary.
Many beautiful memories during my back dancers days flashed back and i was emotionally touched many times)

When i reached home, i received call from Toma.

What are you doing? I’m going to drink with Jun later, how about that?

Ah.. gomen, i’m already occupied. Hmm i will call you if i finish early.


And it was about 1 hour later.
An incoming email.

Sakusho~~~ still not ok?

Gomen, i’m still drinking.

(For clarification, “Sakusho” was my nickname when i was a student, and only my friend call me that. Toma never call me this nickname before.
Which means… he’s getting drunk)

And 10 minutes later, incoming email again.

“Oh-chan and Huma is coming yo”

Oi~~~~~ not yet finish?

The incoming email keep ringing nonstop.

OK, i’ll make sure i reach by midnight.

Sakurai’s friend:
Urm.. maybe it’s better if you attend it?

Hmm.. since my friend is feeling bad, so i just appologize and leave early.

And i reached there.

I opened the door.




….. HUH!!!!!!!!!??????

Arashi,, everyone is here!!!!

PHEW !!! PHEW!!! PHEW!!!

Luckily i came… (Sweating)

These members are sugoi-wa….

To me we’re Jr’s All Star.
(In my opinion)

It’s just like a feeling of alumni gathering.

We just keep talking about those memories during old days, non stop.
There are so many to talk.

And till the shop is closing.

OK, just when we were about to end the gathering.

Hey, how about Karaoke after this? Let’s sing V6!!



So in the end, some of us headed to karaoke.

“Miracle starter~ Mirai de snowflakes~!”
Ah… it was fun…

“Honki ga ippai”
Ahh… it was high…

Takki is in the center.
Matsumoto, Toma and Huma beside him, and their “Can do! Can do!”
It was really yabai….
(Really yabai… touched..)

Everyone still remembers how to dance.
Sakurai keeps on taking video.
(Of course sakurai also remember mostly of the songs)

Everyone was really sugoi.

It’s just like we’ve time slipped to the past.

Now we’re not together.

But they’re all the mates which i’ve spent my time together.

V6’s concert.

And the night with mates.

It was a good day.

Sakurai Sho

Although i was not there, although i dont have the same memories as him,
but i can feel him when he’s writing this.
These are his most previous and valuable Junior days.

By the say…. Sho’s really busy!! Occupied every moment! LOL

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